Ricky Gervais Takes On Big Game Hunter Rebecca Francis

Ricky Gervais is making himself known for his strong opinions, and whether he expresses himself through his stand-up routines, as he did at this year’s Golden Globe Awards, or on Twitter with his recent rants directed at big game hunter Rebecca Francis, Ricky may soon regret the attention he’s garnering. Mr. Gervais publicly shamed Rebecca, after the hunter posted pictures of herself posing with the creatures she has killed, such as giraffes and brown bears. The comedian was understandably upset by the images, and Ms. Francis’ remarks, which were made to defend herself from Ricky’s tweets, only served to further infuriate the performer.

It seems Ricky’s tweets weren’t as inappropriate as Rebecca might have hoped, because they have gone viral with many of Mr. Gervais’ followers retweeting and sharing the posts across various social media platforms.

The Little Prince‘s Ricky Gervais publicly blasts big game hunter Rebecca Francis for killing for the sport of it


Gervais took to Twitter recently to publicly shame Ms. Francis over her game hunting and the pleasure she seems to derive from killing defenseless animals, simply for the sport of it. The battle of words between the two began, when Ricky came across a photo of Rebecca posing with a recently killed giraffe. Sharing the picture to his Twitter followers, Gervais facetiously congratulated Francis on the kill and the comedian was pleased to see that the posting had gone viral by the next day.

“My post about the giraffe hunter was seen by 27 million people on Twitter & Facebook in just one day. Keep up the good work. It all helps,” tweeted Ricky, following his words up with the smiling emoji.

The comedian continued his rant against Rebecca with a new post, sharing another picture of the hunter, but this time the brunette turned blonde hunter smiled widely, as she laid beside a second dead giraffe.

Ricky’s tweets earn a response from Rebecca Francis

It was at this point that Ms. Francis decided to try to defend herself against Ricky Gervais’ social media attacks. The hunter responded to one of Gervais’ postings by explaining that she had killed the animals because they were old. Aside from the implication that these were mercy killings, Rebecca added that nearby villagers were in need of food, so the animals’ bodies weren’t going to go to waste.


When Gervais came back with his retort about his bowl of tofu, Rebecca determined, for whatever reason, that Ricky was singling her out, simply because she was female. The accusation that Gervais was sexist seemed to really push Ricky’s buttons, because he came back with another stream of tweets, both mocking and criticizing Rebecca Francis for her killing of big game.

“I kill lions, giraffes & bears with guns & bows and arrows then pose grinning. Why don’t people like me? Must be because they’re sexist,” Mr. Gervais posted in one tweet.

“We need to stamp out this terrible sexism in the noble sport of trophy hunting. The men & women that do it are EQUALLY vile & worthless,” Ricky added, driving home the point that he finds Rebecca’s hobby tasteless and horrific, regardless of her gender.

In further tweets, Ricky added that he found it ironic that those who hunt for sport, like Ms. Francis, always comment on their love for their family and friends on their social media profiles. He suggested that elephants loved their families as well, until someone with a gun comes along.

“Imagine getting all dressed up to look good knowing you’re about to murder a baby elephant’s mother and take a selfie with it.”


[Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]