Casey Anthony Book Being Shopped, Reveals New Horrific Details On Toddler Death

Casey Anthony, who became notorious in the Florida case of her toddler daughter who was found dead and duct taped, has resurfaced after years of hiding out. A new book about the case is being shopped, but even though it allegedly points to her guilt, double jeopardy will keep her from being tried again. Anthony was found guilty for repeatedly lying and misleading the police who initially were trying to locate the child, and then, trying to find out who killed her.

According to the Inquisitr, Casey Anthony was spotted at a yard sale in West Palm Beach, where she allegedly moved into a residential neighborhood with her current boyfriend. Anthony had complained that she had to hide out, and could not go out in public, yet she did not seem concerned when she was selling an older woman’s belongings at the yard sale. Anthony has stated publicly that she receives money in the mail from her “fans and supporters.”

The Palm Beach Post is reporting that the Casey Anthony book being shopped reveals details not previously made public. Private investigator Dominic Casey says that Anthony allegedly drove around with the body of her dead toddler in the car for five days.

“In the book, Casey alleges that the 2-year-old’s body was dumped by Anthony into the back of her vehicle’s trunk before she drove around for five days and left it in a wooded area.” This aligns with finding by investigators after “a scent belonging to a decomposing body” was discovered in the back of her car, the San Francisco Globe reports.

The San Francisco Globe spoke to private detective Dominic Casey at length, and according to Casey, though she was found not guilty of the murder, she did cause the death of Caylee, her daughter. Casey’s book, Privilege Waived — Part II: Remember Me? reports in detail that Casey Anthony killed her daughter by drowning her in her parent’s backyard pool. Anthony reportedly resented having to care for her daughter, as she had the baby out of wedlock, and would not or could not name the father.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports that Casey Anthony has been seen around the West Palm Beach area since this summer, but never out as boldly as she was this past weekend. As she does not work for a living, she is reportedly home most days. Grace Gerard wonders about why Anthony would be in that neighborhood.

“The buzz around the area is that Casey is living with her boyfriend. What guy would want the Tot Murdering Mom as a gal pal is beyond us. We shudder to think what man would consider marrying Anthony and starting a family.”

And Gerard questions what someone who is supposed to be laying low would be doing hosting a yard sale.

“For a woman who wanted to disappear after being found not guilty after killing her three-year-old daughter, Casey sure is taking a risk hosting a garbage – eh, garage – sale. Casey is a few years older but hasn’t changed her appearance much. Perhaps Murder Mom thinks she’s been forgotten?”

It is unclear how much Casey Anthony or her family cooperated with Dominic Casey on his book, or if she is making any money off of its sales. But it has been verified that a representative for Anthony has been shopping around an interview with Anthony (for cash). This would be the first interview of its kind.

After the trial, Casey Anthony declared bankruptcy and stiffed her criminal defense attorney, Jose Baez.

Do you think Casey Anthony got away with murder?

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