Here's Just A Few Things 'The Elder Scrolls Online' Players Can Do With The 'Thieves Guild' DLC

When the Thieves Guild downloadable content releases in March, players of The Elder Scrolls Online will be introduced to a new way to profit from criminal activity all over Tamriel. The DLC offers up a new Larceny System, the new Hew's Bane area, rewards after joining the guild, and much more. The upcoming DLC is going up on the game's public test server right now giving players a good glimpse at what is to come when it releases.

Seeing as the Thieves Guild is centered on joining the iconic guild known for taking anything of value, stealing is a large part of what a member does in The Elder Scrolls Online. New repeatable missions as part of the Larceny System are a noteworthy feature, giving players a continued way to enjoy the DLC indefinitely. Three different types of missions are available to members of the Thieves Guild. Players can find these quests via mission boards located within or outside of the Thieves Den.

The first type of Larceny System missions are the heists coming to The Elder Scrolls Online. According to the official website, heist quests put players in a position to trespass all around Hew's Band. Trap avoidance and stealth are paramount to a successful heist. Completing a heist before the timer runs out and completely undetected earns players bonus rewards at completion. Players will need to find Fa'Ran-dar to start an instanced heist when DLC launches. He is located in the Thieves Den, near the drain exit.

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Stealth gameplay is a huge part of being in the Thieves Guild [Image via Bethesda]Next up as part of the Larceny System are the new guild job quests. These missions ask the player to do seemingly nominal tasks for the guild in The Elder Scrolls Online. Missions include activities like finding and unlocking safeboxes. Moreover, players will be tasked with pickpocketing targets, looting specific items for specific requests, and other general thievery. Kari, a Nord NPC, is the gatekeeper to these types of missions.

Finally, reacquisition quests throw a little combat at the player with defeat objectives. Spencer Rye, located outside of the Thieves Den, runs the mission board for these quests according to the official patch notes. These missions simply ask the player to defeat certain bosses and complete specific delves in Hew's Bane. Group bosses are a target of many of these missions meaning that a few friends might be essential to completing them.

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What players can expect from the Thieves Guild DLC [Image via Bethesda]The upcoming DLC to The Elder Scrolls Online also debuts a few new criminal activities to the game's Justice System. For instance, trespassing will be possible after the Thieves Guild releases. Some places will be completely off limits for players, and if they set foot in these areas they will be trespassing. Getting seen in an area like this will automatically be considered criminal activity. Areas hidden by secret panels hold special stashes of loot around Abah's Landing, too. There will even be a way for Thieves Guild members to obtain pardons for their crimes with the new passive line of skills that the Thieves Guild DLC unlocks.

Six new passives, each with their own ranks, give thieves in the game a great way to stay busy without detection. These earned passives give players access to new stashes throughout the world in addition to a chance to weasel their way out of a confrontation with a guard every so often. Better rates while haggling, quicker bounty fall off, and the overall reduction of the chance to be seen while doing something illegal are also unlocked in the Thieves Guild passive line.


The new DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online will also introduce the new Assistant feature. These companions are like pets but they provide a welcome service to the player when summoned. For instance, a Thieves Guild assistant can be hired after reaching a certain point in the DLC's storyline. This assistant will fence goods for the player without having to go to a den. Of course, the assistant will take a cut of the profits. Other assistants, like those that repair items or access the bank, are planned to release in the future.

Check out all of the patch notes for the Thieves Guild DLC right now. The base game patch notes are also included. These changes will apply to all players not just those that plan on buying the DLC. The Thieves Guild downloadable content will be 2,000 Crowns. As the Inquisitr reported, subscribed players can play the DLC for free when it releases on March 7 for PC. The DLC will release on March 22 for Xbox One players and March 23 for those on PlayStation 4.

[Image via Bethesda]