Lea Michele Is Not Engaged To Matthew Paetz, Despite Various Reports

Recently, the Inquisitr reported that Glee star Lea Michele might be engaged to longtime boyfriend Matthew Paetz. Now, we’ve learned that the pair are not engaged, despite several reports claiming that they are.

The original report stems from OK! Magazine, which stated that the two have been talking about getting hitched for six months. Just last month, Lea Michele opened up about the tragic death of her ex-boyfriend and Glee co-star Cory Monteith. After she gave her candid interview, a source told OK! Magazine that Michele is still in contact with Cory’s family, and “with their blessing,” she is “ready to go full steam ahead with Matt.”

The source went on to say that Michele wasn’t “shocked” about the proposal, but she “burst into tears” when Paetz proposed.

So, does this mean that Lea Michele and Matt Paetz are engaged? The answer is it’s not likely. According to Gossip Cop, who prides itself in taking down rumors about celebrities and only reports the truth, said that these rumors of their engagement are “false.”

As for where Gossip Cop is getting their information from, they’ve decided to rely on word straight from Lea Michele’s rep’s mouth. That said, just because the couple isn’t engaged doesn’t mean they aren’t smitten with each other. The couple, who have going strong for a little over a year and a half, make several appearances on Lea’s Instagram.

While the couple looks like they are in love with each other, they’ve had to deal with hate from Lea’s fans, who still see her with Cory Monteith, and don’t want her to move on from the late Glee star. Shortly following his 2013 death, due to a drug overdose, there were rumors that the pair were engaged, but those rumors just turned out to be false, as well.

As stated, Michele opened up about how being in a relationship with Paetz is sometimes difficult, due to her fans. At the time, Michele told the Fempire podcast the following.

“I love my fans. They’re incredible and they were really a part of my whole story and my whole journey with me, so I do come from a place of understanding, but it’s also really hard.”

The Scream Queens star continued, “You know, every time I post a picture, then it’s just a landslide of comments that talk about my past and bring that up rather than projecting positivity.”

“I don’t think anyone is really projecting hate, it is positive … but at the end of the day, we have to remember that what we put out there, it manifests and it creates energy. You should want to be the person that chooses to take that second to do something positive.”

She insists that Monteith would appreciate Paetz because he’s very respectful of her past relationship with him. She highlights this quality as a big reason why she loves her current beau.

“That again is something that I love so much about him and I really know that Cory would love him too, and that’s all that we really hold within our hearts, and so does everyone else in my life.”

Lea and Matthew met on the set of her music video, “On My Way,” and the two instantly clicked and enjoyed their time getting to know each other. The two shortly moved in together, and an insider told E! that it just “made sense,” since they’re always together.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for amfAR]