Amy Duggar Admits To ‘Serial Dating,’ Duggar Family More Conservative Than Cousin Amy

Amy Duggar has always been on the outside looking in when it comes to the Duggar family. She was shown in several episodes of 19 Kids and Counting and given her own short-lived special, but Duggar was never a huge part of their televised lives. Being extremely conservative is the norm for the Duggar family, but that is not the case for their cousin. Amy Duggar married Dillon King last year, but not before playing the dating game. This is something that is forbidden with the Duggar family, but it seems that cousin Amy is more modernized.

Critics have been going after Amy Duggar for quite some time, especially those who wholeheartedly support the Duggar family. She has spoken out against Josh Duggar, and has given her opinions on various other situations. While Amy Duggar is very much a Christian, she is more liberal than any other member of her family. According to People, Amy Duggar dated at least six men before getting serious with Dillon King. She admitted that while she had kissed a few of them, nothing further ever happened. In fact, it was confirmed that Duggar and King waited until their honeymoon to take it to the next level. The Duggar family has not spoken out against cousin Amy, but they have certainly distanced themselves in the months following Josh’s scandal. It is unclear where they stand now, but Amy Duggar seems to be having the time of her life talking about them.

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The fact that Amy Duggar is doing all of this press on the heels of speculation the Duggar family has inked a new television deal with TLC is suspicious. While she did speak about Josh and his scandals minimally, she is talking now more than ever. Several critics have called her out for using her family’s name to gain celebrity status in an attempt to stay relevant. Amy Duggar tried her hand at a music career, but things never really took off. Now that the Duggar family is back filming for TLC, she may want a piece of the pie. It wouldn’t be surprising if Amy Duggar is using her name to get something for herself, possibly even her own reality television show.

It seems the Duggar family doesn’t trust cousin Amy Duggar or her husband, Dillon King. They have accused her of leaking private information to the press. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Amy Duggar and Dillon King deny they had anything to do with leaking to the press. Several rumors were swirling that Anna Duggar was pregnant, though nothing has been confirmed or denied. Cousin Amy used to be really close with Josh’s wife, though it seems things have changed. It will be interesting to see where Duggar ends up after her publicity tour winds down. She isn’t working toward anything, but speculation is she will become pregnant sooner rather than later.

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Now that Amy Duggar is speaking out about her less-than-conservative dating life, the critics are having a field day. The Duggar family has not spoken out about the comments cousin Amy made in the interview, including one about not feeling like she ever fit in. It was clear from the beginning that she was cut from a different cloth, but no one knew just how different. Amy Duggar is talking openly and honestly about her struggles growing up with the Duggar name, and being different. While some fans are backing her honesty, others are ripping her apart. All that is left now is to find out where Amy Duggar plans to go from here, and how she plans to go about getting there.

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