Peter Keller Video Diary: Man Who Killed Wife And Daughter Said Boredom Was Motive [Video]

Peter Keller’s video diary reveals why the Washington man decided to kill his wife and daughter earlier this year–he was bored.

Keller shot his wife Lynette and 18-year-old daughter Kaylene in their home near Seattle this April then set canisters of gasoline on his stove and turned it on before heading to a fortified bunker he had been building for eight years, The Huffington Post reported. It took sheriff’s deputies days to find out Keller was hiding, and as they closed in the 41-year-old survivalist shot and killed himself.

Now deputies are releasing some of the video diaries Keller made while on the run from police, unveiling a man with seemingly no motive other than looking for some excitement in life.

“It’s getting to the point where just trying to live and pay bills and live as a civilian and go to work, that just freaks me out,” Peter Keller said on the video, ABC News reported. “It’s actually more comfortable for me to think about living out here, robbing banks and pharmacies, just taking what I want for as long as I can. At least it’ll be exciting.”

As Keller looked down into the camera, he predicted his own fate.

“If I get caught, I’m just going to shoot myself. I could be dead in two weeks or three weeks, I don’t know. It’s all up to chance at this point.”

Sheriff’s deputies said they decided to release the video because forensic tests linked Keller’s gun to the one used in the murders, ensuring that the man was responsible for the crime.

Sheriff’s deputies also announced another finding from Keller’s bunker–tens of thousands of dollars. Lynette’s family said the money will be used to create a scholarship in Kaylene’s memory.

Oddly enough, the family described Peter Keller’s relationship with his family as loving. It seems like his video diary says otherwise.