Report: Tyga Caught Cheating On Kylie Jenner With Model Val Mercado? Magazine Outs Alleged Fling

Tyga recently participated in an interview with DuJour Magazine, and it may have come back to bite him.

The interview, which took place just days before Tyga was spotted in Beverly Hills with model Val Mercado, has recently been published, and in it, it appears to be quite clear that something was going on between Tyga and Mercado. In fact, the magazine claims Mercado was present when they arrived to Tyga’s home in Los Angeles.

“As a photo crew and styling team lug gear up the 26-year-old rapper’s steep stone driveway, a young, bleary-eyed Kylie Jenner lookalike is huddled outside the gate, shivering in the light drizzle,” the magazine article stated. “The girl’s hair is matted and slept-on, the extension tape visible from the back, and she taps her toe nervously while awaiting her ride.”

According to the article, Mercado was “clearly wearing last night’s shorts.” However, when asked about his personal life, Tyga reportedly refused to say a thing. Instead, the 26-year-old rapper left his “random, scantily clad ladyfriend” on his doorstep in the rain.

The article went on to note that Tyga and Kylie Jenner were rumored to have “hooked up when she was still two years shy of legal,” which he may or may not have been chronicled in “$timulated.”

In the song, Tyga’s lyrics stated, “They say she young, I should have waited. She a big girl, dog, when she stimulated.”

Around the time that Tyga stepped out in Beverly Hills with Mercado, he and Jenner were facing rumors of a possible split.

“The pair, which at one time were inseparable, have been spending less and less time together,” a source told Hollywood Life last month. “They used to be together seven days a week and now she has told him to stay away! He is lucky if he gets to see her every other week.”

While Tyga had previously been staying with Jenner at her home, he reportedly moved into his Hollywood Hills pad weeks before the report was published, and apparently, Jenner was liking the space.

“Kylie is happy without him,” the source said, “and that infuriates Tyga.”

Once Tyga moved out of Jenner’s home, she began focusing on life outside of their relationship.

“Kylie is lucky she has such close friends. Kylie has been going out to lunch and shopping with her squad. She sends [Tyga’s] calls to voicemail and rarely texts with him… And the decision to stay away from him is even easier for Kylie when he spends his nights at strip clubs like he did this week.”

In January, after facing a number of cheating rumors, Tyga visited a Los Angeles strip club with a few pals, and Jenner wasn’t thrilled. But luckily, she’s kept her mind on other things, including her super successful line of lip kits.

“With the success of her lip kits and Instagram account, her empire is growing daily and she is becoming secure enough to be alone for a while,” the source concluded.

In a sneak peek at the next episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Jenner is seen in tears over her relationship with Tyga (the scene was filmed sometime at the end of last year).

For more of Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s relationship drama, tune into Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 11, airing on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on the E! Network.

[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]