Is Karen Huger A Fan Of The Young Ashley Darby On ‘RHOP’?

Karen Huger has been on The Real Housewives of Potomac since the very first episode, and despite only being a few episodes in, it is clear that Karen is a traditional woman with a whole lot of class. Huger tends to stay out of the drama but has plenty of opinions about how the ladies are handling themselves, especially when there’s drama to be squashed. According to a new Bravo report, Karen Huger is now revealing how she felt about Gizelle reaching out to her and apologizing to her.

“Gizelle made an attempt to apologize, but the stage was all wrong. Everyone was caught up in their feelings and things went terribly wrong from there. I invited her tea to let her know that I appreciated her attempt to apologize. I wanted to apologize also and move on. That’s what GROWN women do…beef squashed!” Huger reveals in an interview with Bravo, sharing that she was surprised at the time and place.

And based on Karen Huger’s comments, it sounds like the drama may resurface in a few episodes. In her answers, Karen hints that more drama may surface between her co-stars and Gizelle, as the feud as been settled “for now.” But maybe someone is holding on to a grudge.

“I was a surprised that she’d bring that up in front of the entire group. I thought it would have been better to do a one on one. Lucky for her it worked out and they buried the hatchet at least for NOW!” Karen Huger revealed to Bravo.

So much has already happened in the first few episodes, so it wouldn’t be surprising if more drama unfolds between the ladies. While some of them are classy, others are critical. But one person seems to bring happiness and spunk into the group. While Gizelle Bryant seemed a bit hesitant to get to know Ashley because she was a younger woman married to an older man, Huger thinks she’s refreshing.

“My first impression of Ashley…this girl is really young and spirited…I like her! I think Ashley completely did HER when she selected the venue to host all of the ladies at HER whiskey tasting,” Karen revealed in the interview with Bravo.

Of course, Karen may think she’s fun and spirited, but she may not see them hanging out by themselves. Huger does seem very traditional, sophisticated, and takes her role in the Potomac social circle very seriously. Karen does talk about etiquette quite a bit and one can imagine that she thinks that her friends and her circles reflect on her.

The Real Housewives of Potomac viewers may not see much of Karen’s husband on the show, but he is a big part of her life. She’s married to Raymond Huger, and it seems like they are a Potomac power couple. According to Bustle, Karen Huger may also take her role as a Potomac wife very seriously.

The report reveals that Raymond does very well for himself as a tech entrepreneur and Karen has even called him “the black Bill Gates” on the show. He has a company worth millions of dollars, but she’s also contributed to his success. When they got married, he wasn’t a millionaire, but she claims she built one throughout their marriage. In other words, she’s been a great support system for her husband, as he was busy building his tech company. And she may be reaping the rewards these days, as a powerful woman of Potomac.

What are your first impressions of Karen Huger? Do you think she’s a powerful woman, or do you think she’s too into etiquette and status?

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