Yolanda Foster Is ‘Tremendously Disappointed’ In Co-Stars, Shares Who Her Rock Is

Yolanda Foster has been struggling with Lyme disease for years. When Foster first started filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she was happily married and was all about staying healthy. But after she was diagnosed, things started falling apart. She got really sick and weak, stayed home while her husband traveled the world, and now she has filed for divorce. The last thing she needs is her co-stars and friends questioning her illness.

According to a new Bravo report, Yolanda Foster is now sharing her thoughts after learning that her co-stars are talking behind her back. Of course, Erika Girardi wanted Foster to know what the ladies were saying behind her back, so she was hurt by the comments. And when Lisa Rinna wanted to meet up with her, Foster was hesitant about the meeting.

“I feel reluctant, because even though it is hard to look back, the truth is that I’ve let it go. I don’t have an ego in this or the energy to hang on to negativity. The short of it is I felt tremendous disappointment in hearing the women continuously cast doubt on my health journey and especially that of my children. It doesn’t feel good. But it’s real life, and I will only seek to control what I can. The best apology I could hope for is changed behavior, so let’s see what the future brings,” Yolanda Foster reveals in her blog.

Of course, Yolanda had no idea that the other ladies were questioning her illness. She has shared her journey on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, on Instagram, and through her personal blog. Foster has been very open about her downward spiral, where she couldn’t walk, read, or write. It got to the point where she stayed in bed all day and couldn’t watch television. Yolanda has even traveled the world in hopes of finding a cure, but nothing has really worked for her.

“I choose to share my journey, because I, like millions of people suffering from invisible disease, need help and understanding. We become victims of criticism, as shown in my own group of friends. I hope to shine light, bring awareness and be a voice for those who can’t be heard,” Foster reveals, adding, “I’ve taken my battle public because we need a change. I’m not afraid of uninformed people being reactive or judgmental of my illness. I am not afraid of nasty and uneducated comments on Instagram and Twitter. They just encourage me to fight harder and make my voice louder. I have chosen to turn a mess into a message and use my platform for this cause.”

In her blog, Foster reveals that her son Anwar is actually her rock throughout all of his. Earlier this year, she revealed that she was divorcing David Foster, because the disease had gotten in between them. She also has two daughters, who work as models around the world. They can’t always be there for their mother, but her son Anwar seems to be close to his mother. He is much younger than his siblings, and he wants the best for his mother.

And Yolanda Foster’s journey does seem to be up and down. Sometimes, she’s doing great, and other days, she’s down in the gutter. And fans got to see what life is like on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. According to the Daily Mail, Foster went out for her first walk with friend Erika Girardi on this week’s episode, and she was just thrilled that she could walk around and feel good.

Do you think Yolanda Foster’s response to the ladies is justified?

[Image via Instagram]