Blac Chyna Defends Rob Kardashian Relationship: ‘Worry About Yourself’

Blac Chyna wants fans to get over the fact that she’s dating Rob Kardashian. She took to Snapchat to tell her haters off in an expletive-filled rant.

On Tuesday, February 2, Blac Chyna defended her boyfriend, Rob Kardashian, in a series of Snapchat clips. In the short videos, the 27-year-old model told those who are against their relationship to mind their own business.

“You know what I hate the most? Whack a** b**ches. I go on Instagram and my Snapchat and people talking s**t about Rob. Right, you weak a** b**ch..right exactly…please come harder. What’s so crazy is like you b**ches are so f**king concerned. Worry about yourself. Worry about your account. Imma give you guys like, the benefit of the doubt, you haters…These are the same b**ches talking s**t time and time again. Like, worry ’bout yourself.”

Chyna and Kardashian have reportedly been dating for the past three weeks, according to Us Weekly. She also vaguely mentioned Kardashian’s struggle with weight gain and depression.

“I’m ’bout to tell y’all something. So he’s been like, low-key for three years and y’all b**ches ain’t bout to run him back in.”

Blac has been helping Rob get back on track when it comes to managing his weight. Prior to her airplane arrest, she revealed his new healthy diet to TMZ. She also hired an online personal trainer, who has created workouts and a meal plan for Rob to follow.

Blac Chyna isn’t the only one hanging out on Snapchat these days. Rob Kardashian also made his own Snapchat account on Monday, February 1. Chyna sent out a Snap that featured his new username, which is kind of profane, in case you’re wondering.

His first snap featured a close-up of the reality star mumbling incoherently and giggling. Rob looks a little different these days, since he’s rocking a scraggly appearance, and he still appears to be heavier, but he at least looked happier than usual.

The Kardashian brother has already become a staple on Blac Chyna’s Snapchat account. She previously posted photos of his sneakers while they were at the gym. Chyna also shared videos of Kardashian’s voice in the background at her house.

Then on Tuesday, February 2, Rob took to his new Snapchat account to share a clip of his girlfriend, her friends, and her son, King Cairo.

An alleged inside source told the Hollywood Life that Rob Kardashian is already taking on the role of doting dad to her 3-year-old son.

“The fact is, Rob’s awesome with kids — he’s a big teddy bear. Chyna and King were both laying in Rob’s arms one night while he read one of the Berenstain Bears children’s books that Chyna has. The way Rob made the book come to life by inflecting his voice to sound like a bear made King’s night. He was laughing and laughing until he eventually fell asleep. Blac told him he’s ‘a natural’ then said come here daddy and kissed his lips.”

Rumors have been swirling that Rob Kardashian already wants to give his girlfriend another baby, but insiders say never say never. Of course, Blac didn’t jump into this relationship to get pregnant by him, but if it happens then the couple will choose to make the right decision.

It’s great to hear that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are supportive of each other, but some fans feel like they’re rushing into this relationship too fast. Kardashian still has to sort out his own issues when it comes to his weight and his mental health. But he has been taking big strides by driving around in Calabasas for the first time in four months, and walking up a steep hill with Chyna on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Blac Chyna could be facing her own share of legal issues since she has been slapped with drug charges. The last thing this couple needs right now is marriage and children. What are your thoughts on Blac Chyna’s rant or Rob Kardashian’s Snapchat account? Are you actively following them on Snapchat? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]