Kerry Kennedy Arrested For Driving While Impaired By Drugs

Kerry Kennedy, the ex-wife of Governor Coumo and daughter or Robert F. Kennedy, was arrested on Friday morning for driving under the influence of drugs.

The NY Daily News reports that Kennedy was arrested after she crashed into a tractor-trailer while driving down I-684 in New York.

A statement from state police reads:

“911 calls reported a white vehicle operating in an erratic manner in the southbound lanes south of exit 4 that collided with a tractor-trailer. State Police arrived and a subsequent investigation found Kennedy to be operating the motor vehicle while her ability was impaired by drugs.”

Police did not elaborate on what drugs were in Kennedy’s system.

According to Kennedy spokesman Ken Sunshine, Kerry Kennedy, 52, voluntarily took a breathalyzer test, as well as blood and urine tests, all of which showed that she was not on drugs at the time of the arrest.

Sunshine said:

“Kerry Kennedy voluntarily took breathalyzer, blood and urine tests – all of which showed no drugs or alcohol whatsoever in her system. The charges were filed before the test results were available.”

Reuters notes that the accident comes just a few months after Kerry’s close friend and sister-in-law Mary Kennedy committed suicide.