K. Michelle Slams Adele, Claims ’25’ Singer Would Never Be Famous If She Were Black

K. Michelle just kicked off the second season of her VH1 spinoff K. Michelle: My Life last week. Never one to hold back her feelings, K. Michelle made it clear that she has a bone to pick with Adele, and she even threw Sam Smith under the bus, claiming neither would be famous for the music they currently make if they were not white.

K. Michelle’s shocking claim about Adele came during a fan Q&A session when someone asked her what she thought of Adele, according to Eurweb. It’s pretty safe to say the person asking the question knew they were stirring the pot with K. and was looking for her to say something controversial about Adele.

“They allow White people to sing our music… blue eyed soul is some bulls**t. Yeah, I said it,” K. Michelle responded about the chart-topping star.

Then, K. Michelle went even further and even seemed to backtrack a bit.

“‘Hello’, that’s some bulls**t, sorry. It’s a great song, great artist, but if a Black girl was to sing that very song, it would not get played on the radio.”

Of course, K. Michelle had even more to say on the matter, and it even started to sound like she was blaming Adele’s success on the black community.

“We sit around and call our very own artists flops, but we’ll run and go buy some blue eyed soul… They don’t have to destroy us because we destroy each other.”

Does K. Michelle have a point, or is she just mad that Adele is not only on the radio but all over it? Instead, K. Michelle has reached the most fame and even amassed many of her music fans via reality TV. K. was originally part of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast before making a jump over to Love & Hip Hop New York. She also has her spin-off show K. Michelle: My Life that just entered into Season 2.

K. Michelle is rumored to be heading back to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta as part of the cast for the upcoming season. Certainly, K. will have a lot more to say on race issues and the fact that she doesn’t feel like white people should be singing R&B. Or, apparently if they do, they don’t deserve radio success? Either way, Adele plays on most pop stations and rarely graces the airwaves of an R&B or hip-hop station.

While many K. Michelle’s fans jumped on Twitter to agree with the reality star singer, there are also plenty who do not. K. Michelle was criticized for even making the statement, with some claiming that K. is just bitter that Adele didn’t have to change her appearance in order to get noticed. Another thing Adele doesn’t have to do in order to sell albums is to put down other artists. As a matter of fact, Adele is pretty good about pointing out other entertainers that she absolutely loves, including Beyonce, who seems to return that sentiment.

That’s not to say K. Michelle isn’t doing well in her own right. K. is currently recording her third album and has previously done well with her music. Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart and Rebellious Soul have sold 500,000 copies between them, and both albums have been chart-toppers. Is it possible that K. Michelle would have more commercial success if she refrained from calling out other artists because of their race and instead tried to be more inclusive and draw a wider fan base? As for Adele, who already has about as diverse a fan base as a singer can get, she has not commented on K. Michelle’s criticism.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]