Jennifer Lopez’s Sexcapades Revealed, New Tell-All Book To Be Released Referencing Marriage To Ojani Noa

Jennifer Lopez has certainly made a name for herself over the years. She climbed the ranks and is one of the most talented actresses and musicians out there. Lopez has done a good job avoiding scandal, especially with some of the men she has been involved with over the years. Right now, Lopez can be seen airing on American Idol and Shades of Blue. While things have been rather quiet in the headlines for Jennifer Lopez, that is about to change in a big way.

After marriage, things changed for Jennifer Lopez. Before she became a huge Hollywood superstar, Lopez was married to Ojani Noa. While their union only lasted a year, there were plenty of things that went on behind closed doors that would shock anyone. According to Radar Online, Jennifer Lopez is the subject of a new book being released. It is set to tell all about her time with Ojani Noa, although it is not written by him. When Lopez and Noa split, there was an order put in place to protect Lopez and her secrets. So while Noa can’t pen the book, his business partner can. The details of the scandal, sex, and lies will shock people. If you thought you knew Jennifer Lopez, think again.

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The book about Jennifer Lopez already has a tentative title and details are worked out. While Ojani Noa cannot speak out about his ex-wife for personal gain, he has turned all of their personal photographs and sex tapes over to his business partner. The book is set to include still photos from the bedroom and scenes from the courtroom. There have been accusations that Lopez used her celebrity status to snowball Noa into getting everything she wanted. Seven years went by as Lopez and Noa battled over their divorce and their private home videos. While it was ruled that Noa could not discuss Lopez’s life for his personal gain, he is going around the injunction by having his business partner publish the tell-all book. The judge ordered the permanent injunction barring Noa in 2007, and nearly a decade later, he is still trying to get rich off of Jennifer Lopez.

Fans are interested to see what is revealed about Jennifer Lopez. There are plenty of opinions about the superstar floating around, but it will be fascinating to see how she is portrayed by her first ex-husband, Ojani Noa. The court proceedings and money spent on fighting back and forth have taken a huge toll on both parties. Lopez was able to walk away without much financial destruction, but Noa was not. If he is still trying to stick it to his ex-wife, something definitely went wrong.

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Besides having still photos from his sex life with Jennifer Lopez, Ojani Noa also plans to include photos from court appearances. According to Ace Showbiz, Jennifer Lopez will be portrayed in a negative light. The premise is to paint her as a wealthy woman who manipulated the entire court system to get what she wanted, no matter the cost to Noa. This is going to definitely be a blow to Lopez, but it is suspected she will have her lawyers all over it.

As of now, there have been no comments from Jennifer Lopez about the bombshell Ojani Noa dropped about the book. She is currently busy doing her own things and appearing on two television shows that are widely popular. Since a judge ordered a permanent injunction for Lopez against Noa making any profit off of her, it seems that this new book may also be blocked. Jennifer Lopez has been careful about scandals rocking her world, and fans know that she won’t allow Ojani Noa to earn anything off of her now or ever.

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