Ashley Darby Proves To Be Most Mature Wife On ‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’

Ashley Darby is clearly the younger woman on The Real Housewives of Potomac. Even though Ashley is married to her husband, Michael, she’s much younger than he is. And this is causing some troubles with her co-stars for some reason. As soon as Gizelle Bryant learned about her age, her husband’s age, and their marriage, she hinted that Darby was acting “THOT-ish.” And this didn’t sit well with Darby. While she could have acted out and thrown a drink at Gizelle for the insult in true Real Housewives style, Ashley kept it mature and classy.

According to a new Bravo report, Ashley Darby is actually proving to be quite the mature lady, even though she’s very young. The way she writes her blog and keeps her cool during these conversation shows a lot of maturity and respect. Unlike some of the other women, Ashley can admit that she’s wrong and she doesn’t get hurt when other people judge her.

“Considering the chilly reception I had into the Potomac circle, Andrew’s description of Karen had me rethinking if I was really that pressed to get into Potomac’s circle! I was prepared to have another mean girl moment upon being introduced to Karen and Charrisse, but those feelings were soon put to bed. Karen was incredibly chill when I met her – I thought, maybe I can get down with these women after all! One of the greatest lessons my mother taught me was to start at 100% with everyone and let them do the math for you,” Ashley Darby revealed, sharing the powerful advice that she got from her mother.

And Gizelle Bryant may already be doing the math for Ashley. Calling someone a THOT before getting to know them simply because she’s married to an older man and wants a child in a certain sign doesn’t make someone a “that hoe over there.” Sure, Ashley may act differently than Gizelle and be less uptight, but the THOT comment seemed to be out of the blue and a bit defensive.

“I am all for respect, especially for those who deserve it. But I hate pretentiousness — there is no time for anyone to act like their s**t don’t stink. That being said, I value people having tolerance and a mutual understanding for each other. I will take Karen’s advice and adapt it into my philosophy on respect, which is to keep it totally trill (true and real) to who I really am,” Darby points out.

Even though The Real Housewives of Potomac is only a few episodes in, it is clear to see who is being real and honest and who is putting on a fake face. Some of the ladies are high up on their pedestals and may not be able to see how uptight they look. Yes, there’s a social circle and image may mean a lot on Potomac, but Darby is being open, honest, and transparent. She isn’t hiding anything, and people feel that she is a fresh face in the city. Plus, when someone calls her names, she just shakes it off.

“I was not surprised — I cannot expect someone who would use such a divisive and offensive word to actually think about what she’s saying. When the conversation began, I knew she would keep preaching the same sermon about me acting ‘hoe-ish,’ but I was prepared to move on from that. Since I’m a happily married woman who likes to have innocent fun, her description didn’t fit me, so there was no need to keep my panties twisted in a bunch,” Ashley Darby points out, revealing that the THOT comment didn’t bother her because she’s confident in who she is and who she’s married with.

Plus, one can imagine that she doesn’t want to cause problems at home with her husband. According to Us Weekly, Darby did decide to confront Gizelle about the THOT comment, but no drinks were thrown and Ashley could keep on a smile throughout the entire conversation.

What do you think of Ashley Darby on The Real Housewives of Potomac thus far?

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