Brad Pitt Goes Gray While Filming ‘War Machine’ [Video]

While normally looking young for his 52 years, Brad Pitt has been seen jogging around Paris on Sunday with a whole new steel gray look. His current gray hair is reportedly his look for his role in the film War Machine, which is currently filming.

The Inquisitr recently reported how Brad Pitt looks young for his age, a look that was attributed to eating healthy food and other practices. However, in the images doing the rounds right now, he tends to look his age and then some.

The recent star of The Big Short is currently filming the role of Gen. Dan McMahon in the movie War Machine. Reportedly, his character was inspired by Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who oversaw U.S. efforts in the last months of the war in Afghanistan.

Apparently, 62-year-old McChrystal was famous for running around six or seven miles every day, no matter where he was deployed in the world. Now, Brad is reportedly extending his role in the movie into his spare time, jogging around Paris.

While Pitt, 52, normally looks much younger, in his role in War Machine, he really looks the part of the 62-year-old general as he jogs around Paris in a T-shirt and shorts. ET Online got hold of some exclusive new photos of Brad Pitt with his new look. As you can see from the images below, his expressions varied quite a bit while he ran.

Yahoo News reckons Pitt looks like a cross between a Ken doll and G.I. Joe as he keeps in the part while running along. There were also some shots of him in his camo fatigues, looking very much the part of a military bigwig for his role in War Machine.

The film is loosely adapted from a book written by author Michael Hastings called The Operators, based on McChrystal and his experiences in Afghanistan. In that book, Hastings recalled that McChrystal’s “running fetish had become a staple in every profile about him — journalists seemed to view it as a measure of his toughness and drive that translated directly into the ability to win a war.”

However, while the general was famous for his running and his efforts in the Afghanistan war, he reportedly made the mistake of allowing a Rolling Stone reporter to tag along with him on a European PR tour. When the reporter published a few loose-lipped and negative comments by McChrystal and his staff about the Obama administration in the magazine, this led to McChrystal eventually resigning his post.

The film War Machine, loosely following the story from The Operators, is written and directed by David Michod (of Animal Kingdom fame) and along with Brad Pitt, the movie features Topher Grace, Will Poulter, Alan Ruck, Scoot McNairy, and Anthony Michael Hall.

War Machine is set for release on Netflix and in select theaters later this year, and after the critical success of Netflix’s first original film, Beasts of No Nation, and the success achieved in Brad Pitt’s other films based on true stories (Moneyball and The Big Short), directors are hoping for yet another hit.

It all makes you wonder how on Earth he gets the time for all these movies, as the Inquisitr recently reported Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie-Pitt, and the whole brood are soon to relocate to London, England, while he works on the sequel to the popular zombie movie World War Z. In the first movie, Brad sported a longer haired, scruffy look, which will be quite an accomplishment after the neat, tailored steel gray ‘do in War Machine.

Brad Pitt fans, however, are most likely hoping his appearance will return to the usual younger-looking and handsome Brad in the near future.

[Photo via YouTube]