These Disneyland-Inspired Scented Candles Will Take You Back To The Happiest Place On Earth

Fans yearning to relive their Disneyland experiences may now do so through the newest set of Disney-inspired scented candles manufactured by Rheney Williams, a former lawyer based in Charleston, South Carolina. She sells the scented candles with her musician husband, Stephen, under the brand Anthology Candles.

Visitors can agree that, apart from the magical sights and sounds of Disneyland, what makes the park alluring is its wide array of aromas. From the scents of delectable pastries on Main Street down to the musky smells of wood in the Haunted Mansion attraction, guests can attest that their park experience won’t be complete without these aromas.

disney theme park
(Photo by Scott Brinegar/Disneyland via Getty Images)

The Main Street Bakery candle is a mixture of coffee and cookie scents that are renowned as park-favorite snacks. There’s also the Dole Whip scented candle, reminiscent of the tropical Tiki Room. The Soarin’ candle combines the scents of redwood trees, cedar trees, and orange blossoms with a tinge of ocean mist – a reminder of the great ride. Beauty and the Beast fans can likewise find out what Belle’s book room smells like with the Belle’s Library scented candle. It claims to have the scents of “aged books, worn leather covers, and notes of Beast’s enchanted rose.”

Fans already expressed their interest on the candles.


All of the scented candles are hand-mixed using natural soy wax as their main ingredient. The owners also take pride that they use recyclable glass jars when creating the candles. Each scented candle jar holds eight ounces of wax and retails for $16, but there’s a three-pack option for $45. The company reminds collectors to burn the candles for 3-4 hours the first time they light them to ensure that the wax melts properly.

Anthology Candles is currently taking a short break to accommodate its huge number of orders. The company will resume its operations in March. Since the shop’s opening in April 2015, it already managed to close 3,064 sales on Etsy.

The couple also sells scented candles inspired by music and books. Swifties can take home their own “Blank Space” candle that features intoxicating floral and citrus scents. Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” candle claims to “smell like love in a jar” with its chocolate-covered strawberries scent paired with champagne.

Several products are allotted as well for Potterheads. The Amorentia candle is infused with musk, chocolate, and peppermint to represent the strongest love potion mentioned in the Harry Potter series. In honor of the late Alan Rickman and his incomparable performance as Severus Snape, the shop created a Potions Master candle.

harry potter scented candle
(Photo via Anthropology Candles)

The owners also recognize that art is a collaborative process; that’s why they take requests. Clients can send their favorite song and Anthology Candles will translate it into a product.

Which candle would you want to take home and light?

[Image via Anthropology Candles]