WWE News: Vince McMahon Wants Undertaker Vs. Braun Strowman To Happen At ‘WrestleMania 32’

There have been a ton of conflicting reports over the last couple of weeks regarding the rumored WrestleMania 32 match between Undertaker and Braun Strowman, and on Tuesday’s Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez reported that WWE is planning on having “The Deadman” take on the “Black Sheep” of the Wyatt Family.

Everybody knows that Vince McMahon loves big guys, and he’s really into the idea of Braun Strowman being WWE’s top monster heel at the moment, which is why he’s in favor of an Undertaker vs. Strowman match at WrestleMania 32.

Originally, Alvarez suggested that WWE may be building Strowman up for Undertaker at AT&T Stadium, which people took as a legitimate report, when at the time, WWE’s WrestleMania plans for Strowman and Undertaker weren’t set in stone. But now, Alvarez has said that Vince McMahon does want Strowman vs. Undertaker to happen in the spring.

“Vince McMahon wants Braun Strowman and the Undertaker at WrestleMania. Now I don’t know if that match is going to happen, but Vince McMahon wants this match.”

Alvarez went on to say that he’s not even sure if WWE will even ask Undertaker to wrestle Strowman, and if they do, he’s not sure if Undertaker will even agree to the match, as “The Deadman” will be 51 by the time WrestleMania 32 rolls around, and Strowman isn’t exactly the most polished wrestler on the roster. So, on paper, the match seems like it’ll be a disaster, much like Undertaker vs. Giant Gonzalez was back at WrestleMania 9.

Undertaker WWE WrestleMania
There have been some who have suggested that if Undertaker is going to wrestle someone from the Wyatt Family at WrestleMania, then he should wrestle Luke Harper, who is probably the best in-ring performer of the bunch. However, that match won’t happen, but Harper will probably be at ringside for Undertaker vs. Strowman.

Before the Undertaker vs. Strowman rumor started going around, there was some talk that John Cena, who is currently out of action for the foreseeable future due to a shoulder injury, would be the one to take on “The Deadman” on WWE’s grandest stage. But it doesn’t seem like Cena will be able to recover in time for the event. But you never know, because Cena has shown that he has super-human healing abilities in the past, so he could very well be healthy and ready to go for WWE’s big event in Dallas this spring.

Another rumored opponent for Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 is Kevin Owens, but due to the fact that he just lost to Dolph Ziggler on Monday’s RAW, it doesn’t look like Owens will be facing “The Phenom” this spring. In fact, there’s a good chance that Owens goes one on one with AJ Styles at AT&T Stadium, which should be a phenomenal match.

Undertaker WWE WrestleMania
When you remove both John Cena and Kevin Owens from the picture, the only other rumored opponent for Undertaker is the aforementioned Braun Strowman. But now we know it’s more than a rumor, and due to the fact that Vince McMahon is really interested in doing the match, there’s a good chance that it’ll happen.

There’s a small chance that Undertaker could end up retiring following this year’s WrestleMania, but if Braun Strowman ends up being his opponent, it’s likely that he won’t, as Strowman wouldn’t exactly be the greatest retirement match opponent for him.

If it does end up being Undertaker’s retirement match, then there’s a good chance that Strowman will defeat him, because the last time that Vince McMahon believed that Undertaker was wrestling his last match was back at WrestleMania 30, where he made the call to have Brock Lesnar end “The Deadman’s” legendary WrestleMania undefeated streak.

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