Super Bowl: Ad Includes The Voice Of Alan Rickman And Lady Gaga To Open

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching, and with that date drawing near, companies are releasing their Super Bowl commercials slowly. The days of waiting to game day for the long-awaited Super Bowl ads are far behind us. Companies have stated to release their ads online as game day draws near.

Alice Through the Looking Glass was the last movie that featured Alan Rickman before his passing last month from a long battle with cancer. Disney has released a Super Bowl commercial for the movie that features Rickman’s voice as the blue butterfly.

Here is the commercial featuring the voice of the Harry Potter actor

There are other star-filled commercials that will be gracing the ad spots of the widely watched Super Bowl. It makes sense that companies go all out for Super Bowl commercials; some watchers of the Super Bowl do so just to see what the commercials have to offer. The amount of viewers expected has driven the average cost of a 30-second slot to about $5 million this year. According to Business Insider this is an 11 percent increase from last year. The broadcaster for Super Bowl 50, CBS, says the last remaining spot could even go for somewhere around $6 million.

A Super Bowl commercial can make or break a company’s reputation, at least until the next Super Bowl comes around. Naturally, they put as much effort as they can into that 30-second slot, leading to the star-filled commercials. Some of the stars that will be gracing these spots are Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, who will be featured in the Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial. Dan Marino and Alec Baldwin will be planning the perfect Super Bowl party using the Amazon Echo. Liam Neeson will be showing us the ways of the future in the LG Super Bowl commercial.

Even with or without celebrities gracing commercials, there are a few company commercials that fans always look forward to seeing during the Super Bowl breaks. Among the most anticipated are Axe, Doritos, Quicken Loans, Bud Light, and E-Trader, along with seeing what the various motor vehicle brands will bring to the table.

The Super Bowl will not only have celebrities appearing in the commercials but will also have Lady Gaga doing the opening for the Super Bowl singing the national anthem. Lady Gaga follows in the foot steps of Idina Menzel, who opened Super Bowl 49.

The Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show should be a wonderful tribute to this momentous milestone. Coldplay will be the half time show headliner. There are few celebrity guest performers that should be making appearances for the half-time show. The stars that are expected to join Coldplay are: Avicii, who may be offering a different vibe, dance music has never been in the spotlight of a half time show. Avicii produced “A Sky Full Of Stars” and would definitely put a great spin on the performance. Rihanna who is featured on the band’s song “Princess Of China” which is one of their highest-charting singles in the U.S. As such, it is believed that it will be included in the set list and would give the Caribbean pop star the chance to grace the Super Bowl stage. Jay-Z who premiered the reworked version of “Lost” at the Grammy’s one year. Even though the song is not a huge hit, Jay-Z should be a huge hit for the fans as he has never made an appearance before.

Coldplay The Voice Of Germany – Finals [Image by Clemens Bilan/Getty Images]Beyoncé, the headliner for the 2014 Super Bowl, was a huge hit. Fans would love to see her on the stage again, and with her feature on “Hymn For The Weekend” from the bands last album. If Rihanna, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé all appear, it would lead to the performance of other collaborations done between the three stars.

Super Bowl 50 will be a great source of entertainment, whether you are watching the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos facing off, the half time show, or just the commercials.

[Image by Alan Crowhurst/ Getty Images]