Unaired ‘RHOBH’ Clip Shows Faye Resnick Telling Lisa Rinna, Camille Grammer, Eileen Davidson, And Taylor Armstrong To Stop Talking About Her

Faye Resnick didn’t like it when she learned that some of the other women were talking about her during Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards’ joint Moulin Rouge-themed party. Instead of just keeping quiet, she made her displeasure known and told those women, Lisa Rinna, Camille Grammer, Eileen Davidson, and Taylor Armstrong, to stop talking about her.

On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa V. and Kyle threw a joint party to celebrate their respective marriages. An unaired clip posted on BravoTV shows that during the party, Camille asked Lisa R. and Eileen to catch her up to speed with what’s been going on with Faye and the group. Eileen said that she was in Italy so she’s still trying to figure out everything. Lisa R. explains that at Kyle’s BBQ at her home, she asked Lisa V. and Faye about their problem with one another.

Camille Grammer, greeting Taylor Armstrong who had just walked up, said that there’s a lot of history when it comes to Faye and the group, referring to “the dinner party from hell” that happened during the first season. All of a sudden, Faye walked up to the group. Camille told Faye that she and Taylor were filling Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson on what happened years ago during that dinner party.

Faye, pointing her finger, immediately told the women to stop talking about her.

“Oh my god we are not doing that! Don’t talk amongst each other.”

“Were we just scolded?” quipped Lisa R. after Faye walked away.

At that Season 1 dinner party, which Camille hosted, Camille clashed with Faye, whom Kyle had brought along to the dinner as her friend. At the time, Camille and Kyle were feuding so when Kyle started to get attacked by Camille’s friend, Allison Dubois, Faye spoke up to defend her. Camille retaliated by reminding everyone that Faye posed for Playboy magazine and wrote a book about her friend Nicole Brown Simpson after her murder. Camille branded Faye “the morally corrupt Faye Resnick.”

Camille Grammer and Faye Resnick are actually friends now. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Camille tweeted last week that she regrets calling Faye “morally corrupt.” Camille also said that she was “surprised” and “uncomfortable” when Kathryn Edwards, at Kyle Richards’ BBQ, confronted Faye about writing about her in her Nicole Brown Simpson tell all.

While the latest The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode didn’t show another confrontation between Faye and Kathryn, it did show Kathryn reminding Kyle about her problem with Faye and Kyle defending her friend. At the Moulin Rouge party, Kathryn told Kyle that she found what Faye did “distasteful” and that she “capitalized” on her friend’s death. Kyle reminded Kathryn that Faye has been a great friend to her and that she’s bringing up something that happened two decades ago.

In her interview, Kyle Richards made clear that Kathryn Edwards should not have criticized Faye Resnick at her party.

“How does Kathryn have the balls to be speaking against my friend at my party that I invited her to? Shut the f**k up.”

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]