Sage Northcutt Will Train ‘Full-Time’ At Tristar Gym After Controversial Loss To Bryan Barberena At ‘UFC On Fox 18’

Ever since his UFC debut back in October, Sage Northcutt has been overly hyped as the next big thing by none other than Dana White. The UFC president implemented many of his superstar dreams into the young fighter nicknamed “Super” because he had the looks, the charisma, comes from a very good background, and has high potential for cross-promotion, similar to Ronda Rousey. It also seemed as if Northcutt would become a prodigy in MMA given the fact he wait time between UFC fights were ridiculously short. His debut against Francisco Trevino was in October 1, 2015. His second fight was about two months later against Cody Pfister. Finally, Northcutt’s third fight was about two months in yet again on January 30, 2016 against Bryan Barberena. In short, Sage Northcutt was working like a machine.

Unfortunately for Sage Northcutt, his machine-like turnover on fights does not equate to machine-like success as “Super” was handed his first loss when Bryan Barberena choked him out. Because of it, reports now show Sage Northcutt will now train “full-time” at Tristar Gym.

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As mentioned earlier, Sage Northcutt suffered his a loss when he tapped out to Bryan Barberena from an arm triangle in the second round at UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Bader. Controversy followed when the MMA community argued that Northcutt tapped out too quickly followed by the argument if an arm triangle or Von Flue Choke was actually used to submit him. Still, it was a pivotal point in Northcutt’s career because it is officially his first loss on record. Prior to that, he was undefeated with seven straight victories, two of them being in the UFC.

There was a lesson learned for Sage Northcutt as he is now preparing to do “full-time” training at Tristar Gym in Montreal, home of the most-prominent fighter in MMA history to this day, Georges St-Pierre. Northcutt announced the move during an interview with The MMA Hour, as reported on MMA Fighting.

“Yes sir, I will be up there full-time, it looks like. I do have schoolwork still, because I’m still at Texas A&M, so I’m trying to figure out how exactly that’s going to work. If I need to come back to do certain tests and quizzes, or how that’s going to work out. So I’m still playing out that schedule, but yes sir, I’ll be training at Tristar.”

Sage Northcutt did do a trial run Tristar Gym in the latter half of 2015, but he did all his camp work at home in Katy, Texas. This is so he could split time between Gracie Barra Katy and attending classes to earn a degree in petroleum engineering at Texas A&M University. By the sound of things, Northcutt may be putting on hold his degree to become an even bigger star in MMA. Northcutt does know that one loss does not define his career. Conor McGregor, for example, is the biggest name in MMA today yet he has two losses on his record.

Another lesson Sage Northcutt learned was to pace himself between fights. Without decent bouts of training in between his fights, Northcutt had very little room to improve and that showed in his lack of ground game. Finally, Northcutt learned how to handle himself when the MMA community attacks with venomous insults and non-constructive criticisms, citing both his age and his win purse for his second fight ($40,000/$40,000 purse).

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