Faye Resnick & Kathryn Edwards Face More Drama On ‘RHOBH,’ Lisa Vanderpump Battles Kyle Richards Over ‘Orangutan’

Faye Resnick and Kathryn Edwards were seen facing off during last week’s new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but according to a new report, Faye Resnick wasn’t completely caught off-guard by Edwards’ questions. Instead, she was reportedly tipped off prior to the dinner party by her longtime friend, Kyle Richards, who knew of Edwards’ plan.

“Kyle warned [Faye Resnick] that Kathryn had a bone to pick about what was written in her book,” an insider told Radar Online on February 1.

Before last week’s dinner party, Richards was introduced to Edwards, who made it clear that she was not happy that she’d been included in Faye Resnick’s ’90s publication, Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted. However, during the show, Faye Resnick reportedly made it seem as if she was completely against the idea of chatting with Edwards.

“I’m not about to have a conversation with Kathryn or anyone else for that matter about something that was so painful for me,” Faye Resnick explained during the show.

Now, as fans prepare to watch the February 2 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, they will soon see Faye Resnick being faced with her book, yet again, but this time, she and Edwards reportedly make amends.

“Faye and Kathryn once again have another confrontation. But the two do reach a sort of peace agreement since they have mutual friends in common. Katherine didn’t want to be the evil witch on the show,” the source explained.

But did their on-screen civility continue off-screen? Apparently, not. According to the report, Edwards is still upset.

“Kathryn still despises [Faye Resnick] and thinks it was so hypocritical for her to say she wouldn’t talk about Nicole, yet she wrote a tell-all book about Nicole and the murders,” the source explained.

After revealing shocking details about the private love life of her late friend in her book, including dishing a revelation about her alleged affair with her former husband O.J. Simpson’s friend, Marcus Allen (who was married to Edwards at the time), Faye Resnick refused to explain herself to Edwards during last week’s show.

In other Faye Resnick news, a preview of tonight’s show includes a conversation between Richards and Lisa Vanderpump, in which the restaurateur expresses her frustration in not being told that Faye Resnick would be at her dinner party during last week’s show. According to Vanderpump, Richards is well-aware of her ill feelings towards Faye Resnick, and should have told her in advance that she’d be present.

In 2012, Faye Resnick confronted Vanderpump at her and Ken Todd’s anniversary party, attacking her character and accusing her of encouraging bad behavior from her former friend, Brandi Glanville.

“You could’ve said to me, ‘I’m having a dinner and Faye Resnick is gonna be there. I’m letting that orangutan out of her cage,'” Vanderpump pointed out. “I don’t like her.”

Vanderpump then compared Faye Resnick to “witchy-poo” Carlton Gebbia, suggesting that if Vanderpump showed up to an event with Gebbia in tow, Richards wouldn’t be too happy. Still, Richards claimed the issue wouldn’t have upset her too much, as she’s long over the season 4 cast member and all the drama she brought to the show.

For more of Faye Resnick and the drama between her co-stars, tune into The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6, airing tonight at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]