Johnny Manziel Done With Browns: Don’t Bank On Dallas Cowboys Becoming His New Team

Are Johnny Manziel’s days as a member of the Cleveland Browns over? It is increasingly looking like the case, as a source says Manziel is out.

Will he join the Dallas Cowboys next?

Not so fast!

If members of the Cowboys’ front office can convince Dallas owner Jerry Jones to stay away, Johnny Manziel will have to find another team to play for. At least fans will be entertained. For the next few weeks leading up to the beginning of the NFL’s fiscal year, the Johnny Manziel watch will heat up.

According to an ESPN post, there is a source saying that the Cleveland Browns will move on from Johnny Manziel. The news comes just days after it was reported that the police were called (courtesy of Fox 4 News) to Manziel’s Fort Worth home with a domestic disturbance complaint.


It is unclear who made the initial call to the police. What is also uncertain is if Manziel’s girlfriend was hurt, or if it was the same woman involved in a domestic dispute just months ago. The one thing is for certain: there are members of the Browns’ organization who want to get rid of Manziel as soon as possible.

As it seems, Johnny Manziel’s career with the Browns is over before it starts. Now it is time for the stories regarding where he will go next during the NFL offseason to begin.


There have been people suggesting that Johnny Manziel could land with the New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, and, you guessed it, the Dallas Cowboys. The stories about Manziel going to the Dallas Cowboys are too premature.

It is even possible that he does not land with a team at all.

Most of the reports are that Dallas is Manziel’s preferred destination. Playing for the Cowboys would allow the Texas-native to remain close to home. He would essentially become the backup to incumbent starter Tony Romo. Acquiring Johnny Manziel would give the Cowboys a solid option behind the All-Pro quarterback, but is the 23-year-old too much of a distraction to bring aboard?

Several members of the Dallas Cowboys believe that the adding the Browns’ QB is too risky of a proposition. When considering that Johnny Manziel is one of the most polarizing figures in the NFL, one cannot help but wonder what kind of value he could add to the Cowboys.


Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, is said to be enamored with the troubled passer. It is also the idea of giving yet another polarizing player a second chance that intrigues him. Jerry Jones romanticizes bringing in NFL headaches in hopes that they can turn out to be huge successes. For every positive story (i.e. Charles Haley and Michael Irving), they are just as many failures. The most recent risk resulted in bringing in defensive end Greg Hardy.

The Greg Hardy experiment was left with mixed reviews.

There were times when Hardy proved to be worth the investment, and there were moments when the Cowboys were left with regrets.

In Johnny Manziel’s case, if the Browns’ quarterback were to land in Dallas, the plan will not be for him to play immediately. It is the hope of the Dallas Cowboys that Tony Romo stays healthy, leaving the only way the backup QB could contribute is by holding a clipboard, or playing in mop up duty. Romo suffered from a broken clavicle, not a leg or arm injuries, so he should bounce back well. In this case, having Johnny Manziel as a backup would not pose a threat to Romo’s starting job.

There are sure to be other teams interested in Johnny Manziel. The thought is that they can acquire Manziel on the cheap as a backup quarterback. Given the right circumstances, and the right team, he will have the chance to rebuild his image quietly. It also must also be the right city.

When people suggest Dallas and the New York Jets, they think bright lights, big cities. It would be good for the NFL if Johnny Manziel landed with a large-market team. When mentioning the Cowboys and Jets, people are thinking headlines. What they do not see are the potential headaches. Plus, neither team needs a quarterback that badly.

The Cowboys may take a QB with the fourth pick in the upcoming draft, while the Jets have Ryan Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith. Eliminate the idea of Johnny Manziel in Kansas City. Chances are good that Chiefs’ coach Andy Reid will want no parts of the Johnny Manziel circus.


The one team that would make sense for Manziel, the team and the NFL are the Los Angeles Rams.

But why the Rams?

Well, the Los Angeles Rams do not have a quarterback on the roster that has a starter’s grade. Manziel could immediately walk in and compete for a starting job. The problems he has had in Cleveland could be tied to the fact that they were plenty of idle time and not enough structure in place to keep him in line. A player wants to feel as if they are a part of the team. The Browns never fully embraced Johnny Manziel as a starter, which could be explained simply with all of the quarterbacks brought in to start over him.

Being a backup means fewer reps in practice and more time to ponder other things. The Rams have no such player in place who would be thought of as a better option at the position.

The move to Los Angeles can only be aided by having star power on the roster. Running back Todd Gurley and receiver Tavon Austin adds some flair, but the acquisition of Johnny Manziel would be a blockbuster move that is guaranteed to fill the seats.

With Jeff Fisher in place, the Rams have a respectable coach in place. Sans the penalties that his teams traditionally rack up on the field, Fisher provides a stable work environment. Any team that takes a flyer on Johnny Manziel must have an established coach in place. Fisher is an established coach.

While the focus is on Johnny Manziel joining the Dallas Cowboys, the Los Angeles Rams is the team to keep a close eye on. The Rams provide everything Manziel needs to become a solid professional. A source says that Johnny Manziel is done with the Cleveland Browns. Do not assume that he is bound for the Dallas Cowboys.

Not so fast!

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