‘Rampage’ Movie Based Off 80s Video Game Gets Writers

The Rampage movie has brought on board Colony co-creators Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal. The film will be starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and is helmed by Brad Peyton, according to Collider. One of the writers was associated with Johnson in the movie San Andreas. So it would appear there is a common theme of destruction in both the movies, which is also comparable to the Battleship film, which is based on an interactive game of plastic pegs. Another similar film, also thought to be of a similar theme, was big time monster flick Pacific Rim which was directed by Guillermo del Toro.


With the Rampage movie, there’s no telling of the movie’s plot, but one would imagine there could be some kind of destruction going on. Dwayne did mention that he would be going to the San Diego Wildlife Preserve to study up on the movie. That being said, could it be guessed that he’s studying the body language and mannerisms of an ape, lizard, and/or wolf? Which video game avatar of Rampage would you think he’d best portray?

Johnson also mentioned paying a visit to African anti-poaching units. A following quote from The Rock at The Big Lead indicated the following.

“As big and fun as this movie is, the key is grounding it in research and authenticity. The entire team that brought you San Andreas is back and we can’t wait to get started on this one. King Kong is just a little monkey compared to what these massive RAMPAGING ANIMALS can do.”

In 2011, the Rampage movie was announced as being in development by New Line Cinema.

Some 80s video game fans recall shoving tons of quarters in the Rampage cabinet and having their pockets emptied out faster than you can say, “I need more quarters” in time for your next gaming dopamine rush. The object was quite simple in nature as you either played Lizzie, the Godilla-like looking lizard, George (of the Jungle?) who is a King Kong-sized gorilla, and then Ralph the werewolf.

All were giant-sized and the object of the button mashing video game was to take out as many buildings as possible per city while taking on the army, eating people, and rescuing damsels in distress.

These people were originally an elderly male, middle-aged man, and a young girl prior to their transformation per 80s video game lore. The premise four years ago was to “make a smartly-budgeted monster movie in the vein and tone of Ghostbusters and Independence Day,” but may not stick to the plan, according to Slash Film.

The Rampage movie announcement came and went. Four years later, it was disclosed that San Andreas director Peyton would be joining the project along with Johnson. Beau Flynn and John Rickard were announced to be producing in a report also by Slash Film.


If anyone recalls Cuse and Condal’s original works, they first came together on NBC’s The Sixth Gun pilot, according to Variety. They joined up again working on Colony, which has been doing rather well as of late. Variety also reported they will be re-writing the Rampage movie. The previous draft was put together by Ryan Engle and the movie plot is kept on the down low.

Independent comic fans might be interested to know that Ryan Condol was announced via The Hollywood Reporter to produce the Infinite Horizon comic book adaptation of a six issue mini-series.

The Rampage movie may add to the nostalgia factor to those that lived in that era and would likely find it an amusing addition to 80s fans all over.

[Photo by Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP]