Peyton Manning Retirement: Rumors Indicate That Denver Broncos Quarterback Calling It Quits After Super Bowl

Peyton Manning is rumored to be leaning toward retirement, as injuries and the possibility of an NFL investigation into his PED allegations have the future Hall of Famer ready to quit after this year’s Super Bowl.

Manning hasn’t said publicly whether he plans to retire after Super Bowl 50, but those close to the Denver Broncos quarterback say he is ready to hang up the cleats. Manning has also made comments hinting at retirement to New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady.

Tom E. Curran of CSNNE recounted Manning’s recollection of meeting Brady and Belichick after the AFC Championship Game.

“That was not pre-planned. It was a spontaneous reaction. Sometimes you want to tell somebody something man-to man, it’s better than telling them via text or even a handwritten letter, or seeing them at a banquet and saying, ‘Boy, it sure was great playing against you.’ I told (Tom) Brady the same thing previous to telling Belichick. I understand there’s people (nearby) but what I said was true. This could be it. I’m aware this could be it and I wanted to tell both of them I really have enjoyed these games. It’s been part of my football life and both of those guys have been part of good for me and not so good for me and so I took the time to tell them.”

There had been retirement rumors surrounding Peyton Manning for a few years now, with each of the last few offseasons bringing a new round of reports that he was thinking about ending his playing career. The Broncos were reportedly preparing Brock Osweiler to become starter should Peyton not return, and Osweiler indeed ended up starting a chunk of the season while Manning was recovering from a slew of injuries.

It’s not just his ailing health that reportedly has Peyton Manning leaning toward retirement. Sources close to the league said the NFL may be investigating the allegations that Manning used HGH during his recovery from a serious neck injury.

“As far as I know, that’s gonna start after the season, as far as my role,” Manning said (via The Big Lead). “And I welcome that investigation. And I understand when an allegation is made that the NFL has no choice but to investigate it. I get that.”

Manning’s retirement has been a popular question during the lead up to Super Bowl 50, and Peyton has been dropping hints that he’s likely ready to call it quits. He may have been more direct with those close to him, with sources saying Manning has told friends and family that he is retiring.

Shutdown Corner stated the following.

“But now Ian Rapoport is reporting that Manning has told friends that this indeed will be it for the 39-year-old, sure-fire future Hall of Fame quarterback. As he and the Denver Broncos prepare to face the Carolina Panthers, speculation over Manning’s career decision has — and will — run rampant.”

“Would Manning drop a bomb and announce his retirement this week? Immediately after the game, win or lose? We don’t know, but it is sounding more and more like this horse’s career might last only one final game.”

If Peyton Manning is retiring, then it would make sense that he keeps it quiet. Manning has never been one to call attention to himself, especially with less than a week until his team plays in the Super Bowl.

[Picture by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images]