OJ Simpson Unhappy About ‘The People Vs. O.J. Simpson,’ Unable To Watch Mini-Series

It is almost time for the new show The People vs. O.J. Simpson and now it is being shared what OJ Simpson himself thinks about the show. New York Post revealed that OJ is not very happy about the show, but that is not because of the fact that he doesn’t want it to happen. OJ’s lawyer revealed that so far, he is not happy with the previews that he is seeing of the new show that starts tonight on FX.


Attorney Malcolm LaVergne in Las Vegas told the Associated Press that Simpson is unhappy about the show. The reason that Simpson is not okay with it is because he admired Johnnie Cochran and believes his defense lawyer at the trial is depicted unfairly. Simpson has great things to say about Cochran and he doesn’t want him to look bad on the show.

Right now, OJ Simpson is being held at Lovelock Correctional Center on a 2008 kidnapping and armed robbery conviction. Simpson could get out of jail because he’ll be eligible for parole in 2017. This has nothing to do with OJ Simpson allegedly murdering Nicole Brown Simpson, but instead is about another case. It turns out that the prison where OJ Simpson is staying doesn’t have FX available. This means that OJ won’t even be able to watch the new series all about his trial and share his thoughts. Eventually when he gets out of prison, OJ Simpson will probably be able to find a way to watch it.


Business Insider shared that people still obsess over if OJ Simpson was guilty or not and, of course, there are a lot of different opinions on the matter. This will all unfold on the show, including where OJ Simpson tried on the glove and it didn’t fit. Viewers will have the chance to make up their own mind by the time this show is over.

Simpson is not happy about how Johnnie Cochran is portrayed in the movie and sadly Johnnie will never get to see it either. He passed away back in 2005 from a brain tumor. The actor who plays Johnnie Cochran is also revealing that he feels like OJ Simpson was guilty, which could change up the way that he played the character a bit. Simpson isn’t happy about it either way. This was not the only high profile case that Cochran was part of in his time. He also worked with the actor Todd Bridges, the rap singer Tupac Shakur, and Michael Jackson. OJ Simpson and Johnnie Cochran were actually friends for years before the trial, but it was just casual friends and not super close to each other.

It doesn’t sound like there is any way that OJ Simpson is going to talk them into letting him watch the show either. They don’t even have the channel. When Steven Avery of Making A Murderer tried to get permission to watch his show on Netflix, they wouldn’t allow that either. Simpson will simply have to wait, but it could only be a year or so before he gets the chance to see the show all about him.

Are you excited to watch The People vs. OJ Simpson tonight on FX? Are you surprised to hear hat Simpson isn’t thrilled with the show? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss new episodes of The People vs. OJ Simpson on Tuesday nights on FX. This series will be a 10 part mini-series all about OJ Simpson and his trial. If things go well, they could come back with a new trial of someone else next season.

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