Oreo ‘Filled Cupcake’ Cookie Flavor Launched: Free Cookie Giveaway In NYC On February 2 — In Stores February 8

Previously, Oreo teased people with a new, secretive flavor. The video titled “Introducing the Oreo Wonder Vault” introduced the world to Oreo’s new Cinnamon Bun cookie flavor, as reported by the Inquisitr. Another flavor that hadn’t yet been introduced remained a mystery, but now Oreo has announced their Oreo Filled Cupcake cookie flavor, which can already be spotted on Walmart’s website.

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There isn’t a video dedicated to the new Oreo Filled Cupcake flavor as of this writing on the Oreo Cookie YouTube channel, but BuzzFeed has plenty of photos of how the cupcake-centered type of Oreo appears. The front packaging of the new Filled Cupcake Oreo cookies beckons people to “twist and lick” in order to remove the Oreo cookie part and lick the center, which looks like a chocolate-like concentric circle surrounding a creamy middle.

The new cinnamon bun cookie flavor didn’t do dieters any favors with their sugar content, and the Oreo Filled Cupcake cookies appear to be of a similar vein. As for the nutritional facts of the new Oreo Filled Cupcake cookies, two of the cookies will bring 140 calories — with 60 of those calories hailing from fat. There are seven grams of total fat in two cookies, with two of those grams being saturated fat.

There’s no trans fat and no cholesterol, but there are 95 mg of sodium in two cookies — and 50 mg of potassium. Total carbohydrates in the two new Oreo Filled Cupcake cookies equal 20 grams, but it’s probably not the kind of “good carbs” that personal trainers preach eating.

With less than one gram of dietary fiber and less than one gram of protein, the Oreo Filled Cupcake cookies aren’t the picture of health. Also, with 13 grams of sugar in two cookies, eating four cookies would already put a woman over the recommended 25 grams of sugar one should eat in a day.

“According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the maximum amount of added sugars you should eat in a day are: Men: 150 calories per day (37.5 grams or 9 teaspoons). Women: 100 calories per day (25 grams or 6 teaspoons).”

Reducing the intake of sugar found in potentially addictive foods like Oreo’s Filled Cupcake cookies is possible, if a person decides to consume products with zero sugar grams — ones that contain sugar alcohols instead. As reported by WGNO, sugar alcohols can be a smart choice for folks stepping down off sugar, although some people report tummy troubles when consuming sugar alcohols.

There are no customer reviews yet of the Oreo Filled Cupcake cookies on Walmart’s website. Nor do the Oreo Filled Cupcake cookies appear on Amazon yet.

BuzzFeed reports that the new Oreo Filled Cupcake cookies taste just like sugar, and they have an interesting multi-colored center. Plus, they are giving away free Oreo Filled Cupcake cookies in New York City, but only for a short while longer on February 2 — until 6 p.m. — or when all the Oreo Filled Cupcake cookies being given away for free are gone.

“And if you’re in New York City, you can go claim your free pack of Filled Cupcake Oreos until 6 p.m today (Feb. 2). It’s on 18th Street between 7th and 8th avenues,” reported BuzzFeed.

The cinnamon-flavored Oreos were given positive reviews by plenty of folks. Time will tell if folks love the Filled Cupcake Oreos in the same manner.

Mostly, folks were impressed that there even was such a thing as an Oreo cookie vault where people could claim free Oreo Filled Cupcake cookies. However, some commentators gave the feedback that a cupcake-flavored Oreo seemed completely unnecessary — because if they wanted something that tasted like a cupcake, they’d grab a cupcake and not an Oreo. But enough cupcakes with Oreo crumbles have been created to understand why Oreo would create a cupcake formula.


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