New ‘Romantic Garden Stuff’ Pack Coming To ‘The Sims 4’ Just Before Valentine’s Day

Next week, The Sims 4 players will be able to create new idyllic scenes with the objects and decorations in the upcoming “Romantic Garden Stuff” pack. The new pack includes the items necessary to build a beautiful garden perfect for Sims enjoying their time outdoors, for Sims on a date, or for Sims about to get married. However, most of the new items should blend in nicely to any garden, romantically inclined or otherwise.

The next stuff pack for The Sims 4 will launch on February 9, leaving just enough time for players to craft gorgeous garden spots for their Sims and their Valentine’s Day dates. According to the official website, two new gameplay objects are included in “Romantic Garden Stuff.” The Fountain of Gluteus Maximus is large enough for Sims to playfully wade in while more responsible Sims can sit on the edge of it. In the announcement video, found below, for the new stuff pack, players will notice that more roguish Sims can even pour soup into the fountain.

The Sims 4 A screenshot filled with items from the “Romantic Garden Stuff” pack [Image via Electronic Arts]Another new gameplay object in the “Romantic Garden Stuff” pack is the Whispering Wishing Well. As the name would suggest, Sims can throw Simoleons into the well and make wishes. More than 50 results are possible when using the well, so Sims should wish cautiously as some could be dire. Other beneficial effects are a possibility, though, and those ought to be celebrated. However, The Sims 4 trailer for the pack clearly reveals that ghost Sims can use the well to be returned to life.

Other items in the “Romantic Garden Stuff” pack include new clothing options for both adult and child Sims. Male Sims will be able to sport a vest with a scarf or don a floral pattern suit, for instance. Decorations like trellises, fountains filled with plants, mossy statues, and new plants are also part of the DLC. A new gate option and even a set of vine-covered monkey bars are also previewed in the video.

The Sims 4 The Fountain of Gluteus Maximus in The Sims 4 [Image via Electronic Arts]The approaching stuff pack also includes a new Park venue lot called The Lost Gardens of Healing for players looking to enjoy the new content without having to build their own amorous spot. The lot includes a picturesque layout with the in-game Baroque radio station setting mood quite nicely for affectionate Sims.

“Romantic Garden Stuff” joins five other stuff packs currently available for The Sims 4. Just last month the “Movie Hangout Stuff” pack released with content perfect for movie lovers. As the Inquisitr reported, the “Movie Hangout Stuff” pack added a huge movie projector on which Sims can watch 10 new movies. Another gameplay object, a popcorn popper, is also part of the stuff pack, letting Sims whip up their favorite popcorn for any occasion. Like all stuff packs for The Sims 4, “Movie Hangout Stuff” includes a few gameplay objects, a number new clothing options for Sims, and a handful of items.


For more gameplay options or more substantial additions to the game, players should look into the game’s other kinds of DLC. Game packs add more objects and items around a theme generally with a larger gameplay impact like the vacation location in “Outdoor Retreat.” Even more items, Sim clothing, Sim options, objects, and more are available in the expansion packs for The Sims 4. Two major expansions are currently available for the game and the newest, “Get Together,” is currently on sale.

In fact, both expansion packs to The Sims 4 are on sale now as part of the The Sims 16th Anniversary Sale on Origin. “Get to Work” and “Get Together” are just $30 each instead of $40. The base game is just $24 right now and the Digital Deluxe version of The Sims 4 is just $28. The 16th Anniversary Sale will last until February 9, the same day “Romantic Garden Stuff” releases.

[Image via Electronic Arts]