Big Ang Diagnosed With Brain And Lung Cancer, ‘Mob Wives’ Star In The ‘Fight Of Her Life’

Big Ang is known for being on Mob Wives. She has remained on the show since the first season, and is finishing up her run with the series finale. Ang hasn’t been dealt an easy hand as of late. She was diagnosed with throat cancer, but she supposedly was given a clean bill of health just a few months ago. In fact, a recent episode of Mob Wives saw her celebrating her birthday and being cancer-free. Since the show films several months in advance, things for Big Ang have changed.

Many people known Big Ang by her legal name, Angela Raiola. Several of her family members have growing concerns about her condition. According to Staten Island Live, Big Ang was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer. It is stage four, and that is concerning to all who know and love the Mob Wives star. Currently, Ang is located in an emergency room where her family just got devastating news. Apparently, the treatment the doctors have been trying is not working to shrink the tumors. Big Ang is experiencing labored breathing and no one is sure what the next steps are. The only official comment that has been given regarding Ang’s health was by her husband, Neil. He commented that she was not doing well, but could not elaborate. Her attorney was not able to comment, which has Mob Wives fans worried for the reality star.


Right now, Big Ang’s family is at a loss for words. She is going to be starting immunotherapy sometime soon. Chemotherapy began early last month, but the tumors are not responding. Big Ang can no longer work because of the amount of pain and shock her body is currently in. Ang’s sister has set up a GoFundMe Page, which has a goal for $25,000. She explained that Big Ang is no longer able to work and is not responding to the treatments ordered by the doctors. The family wants to try cannabis oil, and the money will go toward getting the alternative medicine for her. Big Ang has been silent on social media for the most part, not alluding to how serious her condition was really getting.

Fans have known that Big Ang experienced a cancer recurrence, but had no clue just how sick the Mob Wives star really is. Radar Online reported a hospitalization for Big Ang just a few weeks ago, but it didn’t seem as serious as they are saying now. It seems that Ang started chemotherapy on January 5, but after a month there are no results. Her current state of labored breathing and being in the hospital has everyone around her worried about what the next steps will be. Big Ang was transported to the emergency room for help with the pain management and labored breathing. Just last week, Mob Wives co-star Karen Gravano said that Big Ang was fighting a “war for her life.”


Currently, Big Ang can be seen airing on Mob Wives on VH1. It is unclear whether or not the cancer recurrence will be addressed. Right now, Ang is dealing with bar stuff and is in a battle with her husband, Neil, over him helping out more. She had mentioned money struggles, which is likely why fundraising was set up. There has been over $3,400 raised for Big Ang in just a few hours. There isn’t much more information available about Ang’s condition, or what the next step will be if the immunotherapy doesn’t work. Fans are stepping up to help their favorite reality star in a big way. Big Ang is very well liked in and around her hometown, and many of her friends are rallying together to help with her needs. Big Ang is fighting for her life, and she won’t stop until she beats cancer again.

[Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]