Blake Shelton Plans Romantic Valentine For Gwen Stefani: ACM Snubs, But New Album & Kids’ Choice Awards Bring Joy

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are getting ready to celebrate the most romantic day of the year: Valentine’s Day. Ever since the singers took their we’re-just-pals fun on The Voice and transformed into a steamy romance, they’ve become one of the most-watched couples in celebrity land. Gwen and Blake seemed to know that fans love their hook-up, because they’re paraded their PDA on football fields, in wine country, and, of course, the country crooner’s beloved Oklahoma. So is it possible that Stefani and Shelton can give a little sneak peek of what the lovebirds have planned for Valentine’s Day?

Blake is the one who couldn’t keep it all to himself, and Shelton is telling his close friends that he has something extra-special planned for Gwen, a source revealed to Hollywood Life.

What does Blake Shelton have planned for Gwen Stefani on Valentine's Day?
What does Blake Shelton have planned for Gwen Stefani on Valentine's Day? [Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]

“Blake has something super sweet planned for Gwen on Valentine’s Day. It’s going to be a huge romantic surprise. That’s what he’s been telling his close friends,” shared an insider.

As for how Shelton feels about the past and present women in his life, he’s pouring his heartbreak from splitting with Miranda Lambert and happiness over uniting with Stefani into a new album, reported

As a result, the usually laconic country crooner has found himself creating more personal material for his music now than he has in the last 15 years. Blake also revealed that although going through the divorce was terrible, his joy with Gwen made his life truly great.

“I’ve written more than I’ve written in 15 years, for obvious reasons — all the awful things that have happened in my personal life — but the way the year ended is also the greatest of my life,” emphasized Shelton.

Reflecting on how 2015 involved splitting from his wife and spooning with Gwen, Blake feels that he survived a roller coaster of a year. And he also promises that when his fans listen to his new record, they will know how he feels about his past heartbreak with Lambert and his current romance with Stefani.

“Some has been bad, and some that’s been pretty good,” Shelton said. “I’m doing what I’m supposed to do, and that’s put all I’ve gone through and put it into music, and I never felt more connected to a record before. When people hear this record…they’re gonna know how I felt about it.”

The album is expected to drop in May.

With Valentine’s Day and a new album, what more could a man want? If that man is a country crooner and a coach on The Voice, he wants his girlfriend by his side. And that’s just what Blake has on the next season of The Voice, because Stefani will move from her coaching chair to serve as his mentor, as the Inquisitr reported.

Gwen Stefani will mentor Team Blake Shelton on the next season of "The Voice."
Gwen Stefani will mentor Team Blake Shelton on the next season of "The Voice." [Image via Gwen Stefani/Twitter]

With Christina Aguilera returning to that revolving coach chair traditionally reserved for a female coach, fans fretted that they would miss out on the flirty fun and PDA that Gwen and Shelton shared on the show. But by taking on the role of her boyfriend’s mentor, Stefani can enjoy getting up close and personal with him without the pressure of coaching.

While Shelton’s life seems to be running smoothly in 2016, he’s already had one unpleasant surprise: Getting passed over in the ACM Awards nominations.

Some Twitter fans blamed the lack of a nomination on his relationship with Stefani, but the country crooner took it in stride.


In addition, Shelton has something else planned (in addition to an album, coaching The Voice, and Valentine’s Day surprises for Stefani). The Kids’ Choice Awards have nominated the country crooner for Favorite Male Vocalist and also asked him to host, reported Taste of Country.

“The nominees are out now and I can’t wait to see who wins,” drawled Shelton. “We’ve got categories for everybody – TV, movies, video games, actors, singers, everything you can think of. It’s all in there. Make sure you get out there and vote, and we’ll see you at the show.”

You can watch Shelton and the slime (and maybe Stefani will show up to slime him?) live on March 12 on Nickelodeon. As for how he feels bout the Kids’ Choice Awards? Blake can’t wait.

“My agent called and was like, ‘Is there anything you can think of that you want to do?'” revealed Shelton. “And I was thinking, ‘I want to host those Kids’ Choice Awards. I want to do this thing with kids, it’s fun. I want to get slimed.'”

[Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]