Girl Scout Cookies

We all love this time of year, when the Girl Scouts come out and sell those once-a-year cookies we all crave. Well it’s time again for Girl Scout Cookies and we couldn’t be more excited! The old standbys are back again: Thin Mints, Do-Si-Dos, and Tagalongs. There are also some newer cookies like Cranberry Citrus Crisps and Trios. The question is what are the best ones to buy – and it all depends on you!

Many of us are trying to eat better, which makes choosing cookies difficult. We want to eat cookies that taste good, but will not destroy our diet. According to,Savannah Smiles have the least calories per cookie, so this may be a good choice if you’re watching your waistline.

Girl Scouts Girl Scouts of all ages work together and help each other during cookie season [Photo by Brennan Linsley/ Ap images]Thanks to technology, many Girl Scouts are no longer setting up tables in front of stores now. Most Girl Scouts are now having the parents sell the cookies instead. While they may be able to sell more cookies this way, it takes away part of the experience of being a Girl Scout, and many people are not keen on the lack of direct participation by the girls. The cookie sale started as an after school activity built to teach young girls skills such as business and money management. When buying Girl Scout Cookies, you should by them from the girls who sell to you says Carolyn from The Oregonian.

Girls Scouts was created by Juliet Gordon Low, and was made to help girls learn to be courageous, confident, and build character. The troops are created to build friendship so the girls will have a life-long group of people they can trust. Girl Scouts has been around since 1910 and continues to be a big part of society, which goes beyond delicious cookies. According to,they have worked to help aid the Great Depression, worked with the Air Force during World War 2, and sent kits of needed supplies to Korea during the Korean War. Girl Scouts also pressed to end racial inequality. Girl Scouts are not only little girls who sell you cookies in the spring – they are groups of girls who try to make a difference in society and in life!

Girl Scouts There are different levels of Girl Scouts and girls are able to graduate to higher levels as they get older.
[Photo by Martha Irvine/AP images]
Before you go out and buy 30 boxes of cookies, remember they are now four dollars per box. According to Fox News, Girl Scouts are not making enough money per box to afford trips and supplies. The girls make about 62 cents per box at four dollars a box. In some areas, the price is going up to five dollars a box so they can receive 90 cents per box. This may sound crazy, but if the Girl Scouts do not make enough money, they don’t get to do as many activities. If they chose to do something and do not have the money for it from cookie sales, parents are asked to help cover the costs, and it gets expensive to do activities year round. Much like participating in a team sport, Girl Scouts have to pay for their own uniforms. The troop also has to cover the cost of badges, and if they go on a trip, that comes out of troop funds too. Many troops decide to take a trip to Savannah, Georgia, because the first Girl Scout troop was formed there. This trip is expensive and if the girls don’t make the money needed through cookies, parents have to pay for it. A lot of girls who participate in Girl Scouts come from families that don’t have a lot of extra cash, and the cookie sale is especially important to these girls as it may decide how much they can do throughout the year. So as the shock registers – four dollars for a box of cookies??? – think about how much those girls will be able to experience thanks to you!