Canelo Alvarez Makes A Date With Amir Khan For His Next Big Fight

Canelo Alvarez has always eyed the first Saturday in May to schedule a huge fight. The L.A. Times reported that Canelo Alvarez, who boasts a 46-1-1 (32 wins coming from knockouts) record, will fight Amir Khan on May 7 in a pay-per-view fight in Las Vegas, Nevada. The announcement comes as a big surprise. It is not about when he is fighting, which has traditionally been centered on Cinco De Mayo, but who he is fighting. This time he will take on a major name in Amir Khan.

For Canelo Alvarez, Amir Khan, 31-3 with 19 knockouts, is a worthy opponent who has longed to fight on the first Saturday in May. It was Khan who lobbied hard to face retired boxing kingpin Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in May. Once he could not agree to terms with Mayweather, Khan set his sights on the prospects of facing the soon-to-be retiring Manny Pacquiao. That ship sailed when Pacquiao agreed to fight Timothy Bradley in April.

Instead of being allowed time to sulk after not coming to agreements on fights with the two biggest names in boxing, it appears that Canelo Alvarez has thrown Amir Khan a lifeline. Alvarez is the biggest name in boxing who is still entering his prime.

The fight between Canelo Alvarez and Amir Khan is happening, but there is one hitch though: the fight will be at middleweight.

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If you are unfamiliar with Canelo Alvarez or Amir Khan, please understand that that is a huge deal. Alvarez is a natural middleweight who can easily move up to fight at super middleweight. Khan has never fought at middleweight which has a 160-pound weight limit. He has spent the majority of his boxing career fighting between the 135-pound and 147-pound weight divisions.

Before anyone criticizes Canelo Alvarez for taking a fight with a smaller boxer, be mindful that Amir Khan has a significant height and reach advantage. He is also a power puncher, with knockout power with both hands. As long as he has the ability to hurt Alvarez, the fight can end up a good one in the end.

When Canelo Alvarez meets Amir Khan in Las Vegas on May 7, the fight will be at a reported catchweight of 155 pounds (courtesy of BBC Sports).

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Despite Canelo Alvarez being the naturally bigger fighter, not only will he have to contend with Amir Khan’s power, but his hand speed as well.

Khan’s power should translate perfectly at 155 pounds, but it is uncertain if he can hurt a bigger opponent. His fast hands will be slower as he puts on the extra weight. That will make a difference. The good news is that Khan will have three months to train, which is sure to include packing on pounds, getting stronger, and sparring with bigger sparring partners. A strong and well-conditioned Amir Khan will give Canelo Alvarez trouble.

“I know Canelo fights the best and wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to face me like others have. My goal is to always fight the biggest names and the best fighters. That is why I’m excited for this fight.

“I know I have the speed and ability to beat him and will give my fans what they deserve.”

A confident Amir Khan will always be in any fight.

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Against the pesky Chris Algeri, Khan was dominant throughout most of the fight. Afterwards, he was hoping that his unanimous decision would get him a fight with Floyd Mayweather, Jr., but it never materialized. Khan became idle as a result.

Canelo Alvarez is fresh off a dominant performance of his own. The thorough beating of future Hall of Fame fighter Miguel Cotto cemented him as boxing’s next PPV star. His global marketability will sell this fight alone. It would not be a surprise if Canelo Alvarez versus Amir Khan winds up becoming a better, more competitive bout than when Alvarez fought Cotto

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