Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Flaunt Matching Country Style, But Where To Live Causes Clash [Photos]

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton seem intent on proving that the couple who dresses alike stays together. Before their platonic friendship onto The Voice turned into a parade of PDA and sightings of the couple everywhere from an Arizona football field to his Oklahoma home state, Gwen was famed for her cutting-edge chic, impeccable fashion and dramatic makeup. In contrast, Blake was all about casual, relaxed, down-home country style. But in the most recent appearances of Stefani and Shelton together, they’re all about showing his influence with matching country fashions, reported Wonderwall.

In December, for example, Gwen and Blake went shopping at one of his favorite places in Oklahoma, Atwoods Ranch & Home in Madill, Oklahoma, and the store tweeted out a photo.


“Look who was shopping at Madill Atwoods!” wrote the store on social media.

Attending a football game, Stefani and Shelton looked as if they had collaborated on what to wear in their matching outfits, sporting matching caps, sweatshirts, and jeans.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton attend NFL game. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton attend NFL game. [Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]In addition, prior to her romance with Blake, Gwen was not into sports fashion. But since Shelton and Stefani became a couple, she’s become a fan of accessories such as that camo-print Cardinals cap she sported at the NFL game, shown above.

Blake and Gwen hooked up for Halloween, when Stefani wore a cowgirl outfit inspired by Shelton.

And for the ultimate touch, Gwen even took to Instagram to share her pride in sporting what appears to be a cap borrowed from Blake.

Gwen Stefani sports Blake Shelton-inspired cap. Gwen Stefani sports Blake Shelton-inspired cap. [Image via Gwen Stefani/Instagram]Once upon a time, Stefani dressed to impress in image-conscious Los Angeles, pointed out ET.

But now Gwen has been exchanging rocker chic for country casual, even wearing saggy blue overalls. And Stefani has been popping up all over the place in what’s become her favorite Blake-style cap.


So has the No Doubt front woman influenced Blake in the same way? Not according to Shelton, who tweeted his view that he’s actually gone Hollywood.


Will Blake and Gwen be living together so they can share a closet? Not just yet, with Shelton revealing that he feels it’s too soon for them to be moving in together and/or starting a family, reported the Daily Mail.

“I think it’s awfully early to be talking about that, don’t you?” said Blake.

But a source told Hollywood Life that Stefani is hoping that she and Blake will live together in Los Angeles soon.

The 46-year-old rocker is dreaming big for her future with the 39-year-old country crooner.

“Gwen’s on a mission to make Blake fall in love with LA,” said the source. “They have this running joke where she’s always trying to prove to him it’s better than Oklahoma. Before he met her he never went anywhere except his house, the studio, and a couple of random restaurants in Hollywood.”

Prior to hooking up with Stefani, Shelton would leave Los Angeles as soon as filming stopped. But Gwen hopes that she can entice Blake to stay in Los Angeles and join her in viewing it as home.

Is that mission working?

“She’s got him to admit that it’s not as bad as he used to think, but he’s still saying he likes Oklahoma better,” added the source.

Stefani does like Oklahoma after all those visits with Blake to his home state, and is willing to go there sometimes, according to the source. Home to Gwen, however, is California.

“This is where she wants to be so she’s determined to make Blake love it here as much as she does. As much as it’s a joke it’s also extremely important, it’s the kind of thing that could be a deal breaker if they stay together long term, the way they’re hoping to,” revealed the source.

[Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]