Ben Higgins In Tears, Tells Two Girls He Loves Them: Who Are These Girls?

This season of The Bachelor is heating up, and in a big preview last night, they showed that Ben Higgins is going to tell two of the girls that he loves them. This is a first and it is really hard for him to let one of them go, but in the end, Ben will have to make his choice. People shared the preview of Ben Higgins and how it will all go down, but all everyone wants to know is who these two girls are that he is in love with and can't get over.

This new preview was shared last night on Bachelor Live and Ben Higgins was there to watch it all go down. In the scene, Ben tells one girl "Honestly, I do love you." Then you see Ben with someone else and saying, "This is really hard for me because I've known I'm in love with you for a while as well." Next, Ben explains it all to his parents.
"I love both of them. They're too good to walk away from and I just don't know."
Ben Higgins is going to have a really hard time letting go of one of these girls. He knows he has to do it, but Ben reveals how tough it was for him.
"Saying goodbye to her doesn't feel right, and this is the biggest mistake I've made. I want to keep her in my life, I don't want to say goodbye, 'cause that's how much I love her."
This all has to be really hard for the girl that Ben Higgins picked to watch now. Hopefully, he has been very honest with her, and explained why things were like this for him on the show. Ben Higgins did admit last night that the really did fall in love with two women while on the show.
If you want to know who Ben Higgins tells that he loves them, then Reality Steve has been able to figure out the spoilers. It is pretty easy to figure out that Ben Higgins said this to his final two girls on the show. From before the show started, Reality Steve has said that Ben picks Lauren Bushnell in the end, and the runner-up on this season is JoJo Fletcher.

Reality Steve shares that in the end Ben Higgins will propose to Lauren and send JoJo home. It is pretty obvious that Ben somehow figured out which girl he wanted to be with in the end, even though he had a hard time doing it. This shows that Ben Higgins must tell Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher both that he loves them, but then he picks Lauren in the end.

This has never happened on a season of The Bachelor before. Some of the people on the show may have thought this, but they never revealed it to both of the final two in a way that everyone could see it. You don't know what goes on behind closed doors during the overnight dates, though. It is pretty shocking that Ben Higgins is openly admitting that he fell in love with both girls, and hopefully Lauren Bushnell does okay with watching it all at home now that she knows Ben picks her in the end.

Are you shocked to hear that Ben Higgins actually told two of the girls that he loved them on the show? Do you think that his relationship with the final one will end up working out? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of The Bachelor on Monday nights on ABC.

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