Rachel McAdams: 12 Little-Known Facts

Rachel McAdams has earned her first Oscar nomination for her role Sacha Pfeiffer in Spotlight.

She has been increasingly recognized as an actress of high caliber over the last decade, and her versatility as an actress is perhaps her greatest asset. She can be the villain, act in a romance, and take on a serious role in drama. Here are some amazing and little-known facts about Rachel McAdams.

1. Useless Daily reports that Rachel McAdams won her first acting award when she was in high school. In 1995, she was in the play I Live in a Little Town, which was part of the Ontario Showcase of the Sears Drama Festival.

2. Rachel McAdams was a figure skater when she was younger, starting at the age of 4. She gave it up when she was 18 to pursue her acting career.

“Getting up at 5 a.m. was a constant struggle. I hung up my boots and haven’t picked them up since. I miss skating. But I used to get so nervous before competitions. I’d wake up in a cold sweat. I don’t miss that.”

3. In the movie Mean Girls, Rachel McAdams enjoyed playing the role of the popular girl in high school.

“Getting to do it the way the popular girls do it was fun: to layer on makeup and have long, straight platinum-blonde hair. I certainly didn’t look like that in high school.”

4. Rachel McAdams has done nudity in some of her films, but she apparently has issues with it in print. She walked out of a Vanity Fair shoot in which she was expected to pose nude. She also fired her publicist, who didn’t tell her about the nudity in advance.

5. Divine Caroline reports that Rachel McAdams is a green activist who has joined protests in Vancouver with Jane Fonda over Arctic drilling, oil sands development, and tanker traffic.

6. Woody Allen is a huge Rachel McAdams fan, and cast her in his movie, Midnight in Paris. He told her it was a much more interesting character for her.

“It would be much more interesting for you to play this kind of character. You don’t want to go your whole life playing these beautiful girls. You want to play some b*tchy parts. It’s much more interesting for you.”

7. Boomsbeat reports that Rachel McAdams was offered the role of Pepper Potts in Iron Man, but she turned it down. Gwyneth Paltrow then took the role.

8. Because she didn’t want to wear a corset when filming Sherlock, Rachel McAdams would intentionally eat a large breakfast and expand her abdomen so she could avoid it.

9. Rachel McAdams is very green conscious in her own life and prefers to ride her bike whenever possible. She is also switching over to using green energy in her home and supports tree-planting organizations.

10. Rachel McAdams’ mode of exercise is Kundalini yoga, which she practices every morning. She told Vogue she has a limit as to how early she will get started.

“The earliest I’ll start is four-thirty. That’s my limit.”

11. Admitting she is not an amazing cook, Rachel McAdams loves to cook nonetheless.

“I’m not an amazing cook, but I can follow a recipe. I wouldn’t mind running a restaurant.”

12. When Rachel McAdams filmed the movie Red Eye, there was a scene in which Cillian Murphy threw McAdams in the bathroom on the plane. In one take, he threw her in the wrong place, causing her to bang her head. She was unconscious for a half an hour!

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]