Stevie J and Benzino Are Best Friends Again — Sleezy And Zino Squash ‘LHHATL’ Beef

Stevie J and Benzino are back on track after a huge falling out just before the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 reunion show. It seems the best friends let women get in the way, and now that Stevie J has moved on from Joseline Hernandez, it’s safe for Benzino to be friends with his best pal again. Not to mention that Benzino is having a bit of woman trouble of his own, with Althea Heart lashing out on Instagram about their never-ending issues.

Benzino and Stevie J made up during a FaceTime call on Saturday, according to VH1. Benzino even posted a screenshot of the call with Stevie J to Instagram to commemorate finally making up with his best friend. Both Stevie J and Benzino appeared shirtless in the FaceTime screenshot that was captioned, “AM I MY BROTHERS KEEPER?!?! SLEAZY ZINO!! WE ALL WE GOT!!!”

This may be true, too, because Stevie J has reportedly dumped Joseline Hernandez and this time, it looks like it might be for good. Drama between the LHHATL couple was at an all-time high when Joseline reportedly ruined $65k worth of Stevie J’s belongings in a jealous rage. If the story is true (and Stevie J says it is), then Hernandez was upset because Stevie was spending too much time in the studio with Faith Evans. “Joseline denied destroying Stevie J’s stuff and even said she still loved him and wanted to be with her reality TV ‘husband.’ “

Stevie J confirmed his split with Joseline via Twitter when he tweeted, “It’s been 2 weeks since she left. So I work harder.” Stevie J has continued to call Joseline out, especially after she was seen getting really close to Rick Ross during his 40th birthday party last weekend.

When a fan forwarded a really suggestive picture of Joseline and Ross to Stevie, the LLHATL star responded, “Gotta let a hoe be a hoe.” Stevie J also called out Rick Ross for hooking up with Joseline, claiming that he’s surprised that Ross would do that to him after he protected Lira while she was in Los Angeles. The tweet has been deleted, but there are enough screenshots to go around.

Even though Stevie J and Joseline Do Hollywood just premiered, it looks like the reality TV couple are done for good. Joseline made that clear when she posted an Instagram photo following Stevie J’s “hoe” comments. In it, Joseline shared pictures of Rick Ross’ birthday party and captioned the photo, “#TheBoss” followed by a bunch of hearts.

Benzino isn’t doing any better in the love department. Althea Heart gave birth to his baby boy on November 10, and then their relationship seemed to fall apart. Althea has announced that she and Benzino are over multiple times, including at least once in August and then again in October, 2015. Although Benzino and Althea are still together, based on a picture from her Instagram posted on Monday, it’s not looking good for them.

Just a few weeks back, Benzino posted a picture of himself and Baby Zino to Instagram. Immediately, Althea commented on the post and called Benzino out for being an absentee dad and posting pictures of his son on social media to look like he spends way more time with him than he really does. Benzino immediately apologized to Althea and claimed he wasn’t trying to upset her, but hasn’t stopped posting pictures of Baby Zino yet.

Have Stevie J and Benzino been able to bond over all their problems with women? Some thought the former LHHATL co-stars would never be friends again. Benzino even said he wouldn’t forgive Stevie J again after their last falling out. It’s no secret that Stevie J and Benzino have been through a lot together, including Benzino’s diss track, “Smashed Da Homie,” as well as some huge drama over whether or not Stevie had sex with Althea. Benzino also claimed that Joseline abused Stevie J while they were together. Stevie J retaliated after the reunion show by leaking nude pictures of Althea.

It turns out that Stevie did hook up ith Althea Heart before Benzino even knew her. Unfortunately, Stevie spent most of his last season with Benzino on LHHATL denying the Althea hookup, and that had a lot to do with the diss track.

Just like there were a lot of downs in Stevie J and Benzino’s relationship, there were definitely a lot of ups too. Stevie and Benzino have opened multiple businesses together, including the failed Sleazy & Zino’s Bistro and Bar, as well as working together on Hip Hop Weekly. Certainly, there’s way more in store for fans of Stevie J and Benzino now that they’ve made up, and fans couldn’t be more excited about it.

[Photo by Jonathon Leibson/Getty Images]