Jason Thompson Talks New ‘Young And Restless’ Role: Shake-Ups Ahead For Billy Abbott?

Jason Thompson has taken over the role of Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless, and viewers are very curious to see where the character heads with yet another new actor playing the character. Thompson takes over the gig after leaving General Hospital, where he played Dr. Patrick Drake for a decade. What does Jason have to say about the shift and how things are going?

Thompson chatted with ET Canada recently and gave his take on the character of Billy Abbott. Jason notes that this Young and Restless character may like his drinking and gambling and living on the edge, but he’s not an entirely bad boy by any means. The actor notes that he is learning that Billy also has a really big heart, and to him, that’s the most interesting thing about the character.

Viewers have been frustrated with the multiple changes in casting the past year or so when it comes to this Abbot family member. The Young and the Restless fans hated to see Billy Miller leave, and many wish he would head back. However, Miller is now securely in the role of Jason Morgan over on General Hospital now, and it was his decision to leave Y&R, as he desired more flexibility in his schedule.

The Young and the Restless then brought David Tom back in to play Abbott, but he was unable to win viewers over. While Tom did well with the gig years ago, it just wasn’t a fit at this point. After Tom came Burgess Jenkins, who won over some, but not all, Y&R fans. Jenkins left the role as Jason Thompson eased into it, although some fans would argue that the best material Burgess was given was the work he got to do on the way to his exit.

Jason Thompson certainly has a very different look from what many are used to seeing in Billy Abbott. His casting was rumored to be coming for months, so the life-and-death storyline for Billy created a lot of buzz, which was not always good, as Y&R fans lamented the fact that they knew where things were headed.

Given all that drama, will Young and Restless fans accept Jason Thompson as Abbott? Some fans are very resistant to accept Thompson, while others are enjoying him on Y&R. Billy has tried to make amends with Victoria, and the two seem to be ready to begin a new chapter in their relationship.


However, The Young and the Restless spoilers via Michael Fairman Soaps tease that there could be trouble coming for Billy and Victoria sooner rather than later yet again. Billy and Phyllis have been sneaky partners angling to take down Victor for a while now, and it seems that this arrangement may soon lead to romance.

So far, the pair remains focused on their anger toward Victor, and at the moment, that angst is being poured into the secret anti-hacker product they are developing with Natalie. Both Jack and Victoria are in the dark about the ongoing partnership between their two loves, and these respective relationships could hit rocky patches should the truth come out.

Billy and Phyllis have grown closer and closer to one another in recent months, even before Thompson took over. The speculation now is that there could be romantic sparks developing soon, a concept that is definitely getting viewers buzzing. Some think this could be a hot possibility while others are quite vocal in hating the idea.


Jason Thompson seems to be quite happy in his new gig on Young and Restless, as he notes that he is enjoying the opportunity to meet and learn from new actors and embrace a new voice and new character. Will this version of Abbott as portrayed by Thompson finally be the recast that wins Y&R fans over? Will Billy stay with Victoria or fall into a romance with Phyllis?

The Young and the Restless spoilers for this week tease that Jason Thompson’s character of Billy will remember that Noah Newman was behind the wheel when he was run over, and this could really shake things up in Genoa City. Billy will be keeping secrets from Victoria while there is plenty of drama on the way related to Nick, Sharon, Sage, and Dr. Anderson this week as well.

What do you think of Jason Thompson’s portrayal of Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless so far?

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