Jimmy Kimmel Shows Off John Boehner Bawling ‘Boehner Baby’

John Boehner is overly in-touch with his feminine side, seriously the guy will weep at the sight of a cute baby, a sad story or the wind blowing just right in his eyes. This week Boehner broke down and started crying at a Congressional Gold Medal ceremony for Italian artist Constantino Brumidi, an artist who died more than 100 years ago.

Apparently talk show host Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t take any more of the Boehner freak show and decided it was time to unveil the John Boehner ‘Bawling Boehner Baby’ doll.

So what exactly has John Boehner cried about? In 2007 he cried about troops in Iraq on two different occasions. In 2008 Boehner was addressing the economic bailout when tears started flowing for a third time.

Boehner also broke down in 2009 during the unveiling of the Ronald Reagan Statue. In 2010 Boehner broke down while accepting a Hyde Award and then again in 2010 he broke down while giving an election night speech.

The toys best feature? It blasts out jets of tears when provoked even in the slightest way.

The toy was fashioned in the style of a children’s toy from the 80’s which might be fitting since we are pretty sure John Boehner has been crying non-stop since at least that time.

It doesn’t seem to matter what the event entails, if you catch him at the right moment John Boehner will let the waterworks flow.

I’m assuming John Boehner saw this Jimmy Kimmel sponsored doll and started crying. Just my guess.

So would other people actually buy this doll? Here’s a fairly typical reaction from Twitter users: