Michigan Father, Son Die After Falling Through Ice While Fishing On Lake

A Michigan father and his son were fishing on a lake in Highland Township on Monday, February 1 when they fell through the ice and died.

According to USA Today, David Michael Lyons, 30, and Jackson Lyons, 4, were located approximately 10 feet from the shore on Alderman Lake at around 10:37 a.m. when they fell through the ice into the bitterly cold water. Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said he believes the pair were headed back to shore when the ice cracked.

“We believe they were on their way back in they had been out the little one was cold they were coming off the ice the traverse out was fine fishing was fine but the ice has pockets and flows that’s what we think happened,” Bouchard said, according to Fox2Detroit. “Anyone who is a parent knows how horrible this is our prayers go out to his family during this difficult time.”

Witnesses believe Jackson fell in first and then David went in after him. The pair were submerged in the eight to 12 feet of frigid water for nearly 10 minutes before divers were able to pull them out. They were then rushed to the Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital with critical injuries and were later pronounced dead. Richard Cole, the assistant fire chief with Highland Township, said they both were wearing snowmobile suits, which can become heavier in the water, and neither of them was wearing a life vest.

“This is a horrific reminder that we should always hold safety first when we undertake water-related activities,” Bouchard continued. “No ice is safe ice especially due to the mild weather we have experienced this winter. Our thoughts are with the family during this unthinkable time.”

Friends and family members are remembering David for his generosity towards others. David reportedly worked at Jack’s Barbershop near Highland and Duck Lake Roads, but would make home visits for people who could not afford to stop at the shop. According to his family, David, who was engaged to the mother of his son, loved ice fishing and loved spending time with his son.

“I don’t want to believe this that something could have happened he was just phenomenal guy loved his kid wanted to do stuff with him all the time,” said David’s friend Ron Naka. “I was just out there out he was talking about ice fishing with his son and all the tricks I cant believe something like this could happen.”

“They liked to do things together,” David’s grandfather told the Detroit News. “Ice fishing, riding four wheelers. Anything together.”

After the tragic deaths of David and Jackson, the Department of Natural Resources published a reminder to those who were participating in ice activities to remember that no ice is safe, especially when the temperatures climb into the 40s.

“When temperatures reach into the 40s, as they have recently in many areas, thawing will occur and that will definitely weaken ice,” said Sgt. Steve Orange, DNR Law Enforcement Division’s recreational safety, education, and enforcement supervisor. “It’s very important to know and follow guidelines to determine how ice looks and feels so that your day of ice fishing or snowmobiling is enjoyable and safe. Ignoring warning signs of weakened ice can result in a life-threatening incident.”

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