Amber Portwood Headed For Trouble With Matt Baier, ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Being Duped?

Amber Portwood has caught a lot of criticism for her relationship with Matt Baier. When he was first introduced to the Teen Mom OG fans, there was some serious doubt about his intentions. Portwood met Baier online, and developed a friendship first. As things progressed, the two moved in together. Since then, Portwood has had to field judgments about her new boyfriend from outsiders. Concerns include the age gap between the two, and his past concerning addiction. Portwood is a recovering addict, and she has been sober since being released from prison. She cannot chance someone putting that at risk, especially since everything is going good with Leah.

Last night on Teen Mom OG, Amber Portwood’s ex-boyfriend, Gary Shirley, sprung some unsettling news on her. Apparently, Matt Baier has seven children. Shirley had all the paperwork, and Portwood claimed there were only two children. After the two returned home from dropping Leah off, there was heavy tension. Portwood wanted to know the truth, and it appears it wasn’t given completely. According to Starcasm, Matt Baier has eight children total. That is one more than Portwood learned about last night. Fans are wondering what Portwood is thinking, and what Baier could be saying in his defense. The court documents are valid, but whether or not all the kids belong to Baier is up in the air. Portwood is dealing with this scandal, which broke just a few months ago when Teen Mom OG released the trailer for the current season.

There has not been a straight answer from Amber Portwood about the situation with Matt Baier. Fans have been waiting for her to speak out about what happened. New information regarding Baier has come to light, and some of it is quite shocking. When Portwood accepted Baier’s proposal on Teen Mom OG last season, everyone was shocked. The two have planned an October wedding, but no exact date has been given. Portwood and Baier did show up for Tyler and Catelynn’s wedding, which happened in August, and the expectation is that Portwood will allow her ceremony to be filmed, as well.

Red flags have been visible to outsiders, but Amber Portwood cannot see them. Some of the latest information is troubling, especially since it didn’t come by way of Gary Shirley. According to The Ashley, Matt Baier has an ex-girlfriend who is telling all. Kelli is what she is calling herself, and she is claiming she has been in contact with the Teen Mom OG people. In fact, they have been giving her updates about what is happening with Baier. Kelli gave the blog an exclusive interview and what she said was jaw-dropping. She says that the proposal Portwood received was almost identical to the one she was given from Baier. Kelli has a daughter by Baier, but has not been listed in the mega support case that is happening in Indiana. Something about this seems strange, but what would Kelli have to gain?

October is coming soon, and Amber Portwood needs to make up her mind about where Matt Baier stands. There are so many secrets that are coming out right now, but nothing has been confirmed as truth. Several Teen Mom OG fans have voiced their concern to Portwood, though she doesn’t seem bothered. She is more annoyed than anything, which is concerning for those who love her. There is a court date scheduled for Baier in March, and that will be handling the seven child support cases against him. Teen Mom OG is currently not paying Baier to appear, but that will change shortly. Amber Portwood is going to be faced with a hard decision about where to go from here.

[Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for MTV]