Bobby Flay And Chelsea Handler Dating? Inside Their Steamy New Relationship

By all outside appearances, Bobby Flay may be in a new relationship with Chelsea Handler. The two stars were recently spotted enjoying what looked like a dinner date together. With that in mind, here’s everything to know about their steamy night out and the possibility that a relationship is on the horizon.

According to Page Six, an eyewitness spotted Handler and Flay eating dinner at Blue Plate Oysterette, located in Santa Monica, California. While the outing might have just been a casual get together between two friends, the witness reported that things got a little personal between the two.

“It looked like a date,” the source told the outlet.

While nothing overtly physical was seen, the source went on to add that both Handler and Flay were particularly “flirty” with each other. Furthermore, the two have never been seen together, making a simple friendship less likely. Based on their flirty actions, did Handler and Flay really hit it off? Are they planning on going out for a second date?

Chelsea Handler recently made headlines for feuding with former friend Heather McDonald. [Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty]

Interestingly, Handler did hint during her recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she was getting ready to go out on a date with someone. However, according to Fox News, Handler failed to name who she is going out on a date with and left it open to discussion.

However, Handler did offer up a few clues to her mystery date. For starters, Handler stated that the person was “an extension of this business,” by which she meant the show business.

“A friend set us up,” Handler continued. “I’ve never met him, but I know of him… You’d know him.”

Her comments indicated that her date was with a celebrity though admittedly that could include any number of men in Hollywood. Even still, few would have guessed she was referring to Flay.

Based on the eyewitness claims, it would appear that Flay was the man Handler referred to during her interview with DeGeneres. That being said, it is not known what became of the night after they left the restaurant and whether or not the two are planning on going out again.

Whatever happens, between the two stars is yet to be seen. But if they do continue to see each other, then it probably won’t be long before more information is released.

Although she has been linked to a number of different celebrities over the years, Handler has never tied the knot with anyone. Her past romances includes the likes of André Balazs, a very success hotel owner and operator, and the famous hip-hop rapper 50 Cent. She is 40-years-old.

For his part, Bobby Flay has been married before. In fact, the famous chef and TV personality was previously married to Stephanie March. Coincidentally, March’s outside appearance is not unlike Handler. Flay, now 51, ended his marriage with March after ten years together.

After his split from March, Bobby Flay was linked to his Food Network costar Giada de Laurentis. [Image via Food Network]
After his split from March, Bobby Flay was linked to his Food Network costar Giada de Laurentis. [Image via Food Network]

Following the dinner date with Flay, Just Jared is reporting that Handler was spotted leaving LAX Airport over the weekend. The comedian appeared high in spirits as she walked through the airport and had nothing but smiles for the camera.

Hander wore a button up black coat during her flight. She accessorized her look with a dark brown shoulder bag and a pair of sunglasses. Handler also wore a set of stylish snow boots that went well with the rest of her attire. At this point it is not known where Handler was heading, but wherever it was she was certainly happy to be leaving.

Neither Flay nor Handler has officially commented on the reports of their outing or on the status of their relationship.

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[Image via Food Network]