Katie Maloney On Stassi’s Betrayal: ‘Abandoned, Confused, And Heartbroken’

Katie Maloney was devastated by Stassi Schroeder’s betrayal a few years back, when she decided to leave their friendship behind. All of this played out on Vanderpump Rules, and it took a few months for Katie to move on completely. So, when Schroeder decided to come back on the show this season, Katie didn’t want to give her a chance to work things out. According to a new Bravo report, Maloney is now explaining why she doesn’t want to give Schroeder a second chance.

“I had a very hard time comprehending why someone who had so many choice words for not only me (her former best friend), but Kristen and even Tom, was present. I was left abandoned, confused, and quite frankly heartbroken. I tried my damnedest to be considerate and respectful of her, but also take care of my own life and relationship after a rough couple of months. And to be so carelessly tossed aside was gut wrenching. So, when she just so freely wandered back around, I immediately put my walls up,” Katie Maloney reveals to Bravo after watching the episode.

Of course, Katie was very heartbroken by Schroeder’s behavior. The drama unfolded on the Vanderpump Rules reunion, where Schroeder couldn’t understand why Katie was so hung up on the friendship. Luckily for Katie, all of her cast members agreed with her, and they all ousted Stassi from the group.

Plus, Maloney isn’t the only person who Schroeder has a problem with. She sat down with Lisa Vanderpump to iron out some things, and it didn’t go well. But for Katie Maloney, it was an interesting conversation to watch. Why? Because Lisa is the one person who can put Schroeder in her place.

“This was an experience to witness. Honestly, I struggled a bit watching this. On one hand I am just beginning to witness Stassi really claiming and taking responsibility for her actions and it’s too hard for me to sum up how I feel about this. I have never seen Stassi really swallow pride and address these sorts of things with anyone. I really see her going there and overextend herself,” Maloney revealed after watching the conversation.

“Stassi on the other hand is allowed to feel what she feels. I know firsthand how she was affected by what happened and I will say with all fairness that she was the only one who could decide the severity of her situation,” Maloney points out.

When she returned to the show, Schroeder revealed that she was completely alone. She had no friends, no place to live, and she was single. On last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, she revealed that she was living with Kristen Doute, who is the only person who is willing to give her the time of day. She also revealed what happened with her sex tape scandal. Her ex-boyfriend had filmed her playing with herself and was planning on selling the tape. Lisa Vanderpump paid $900 for the tape to get him to go away and to protect Stassi. This is why she was forced to sit down with Lisa yesterday.

And maybe Katie Maloney didn’t know about this when she decided to cut out Stassi. And Schroeder may have acted differently around that time because she was scared of what could happen to her career and family if the sex tape was released. She could have been worried about herself rather than tell her friends and let them know what was going on.

What do you think of Katie Maloney’s decision to keep her distance from Stassi? Do you think she’s making the right decision to stay away from the drama?

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