‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Stars Kathryn Edwards And Faye Resnick Faking Their Truce Over O.J. Simpson Drama?

It didn’t take long for Kathryn Edwards to become embroiled in her first feud on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While Edwards has been fighting with Faye Resnick on the past few episodes, the next installment promises a truce between the women. However, are the two faking their truce because Edwards can’t get over the O.J. Simpson drama?

According to Us Magazine, the feud between the reality stars really ramped up last week during Kyle Richards’ party. While the other ladies on the show dined the night away, things got heated between Resnick and Edwards over a beef that started years ago.

For those who don’t know, Edwards’ feud with Resnick began after the former wrote a book in 1994 about O.J. Simpson’s life prior to the murder of his wife and subsequent trial. According to She Knows, Resnick included a chapter about Edwards’ fiancé, Marcus Allen, and alleged that he cheated on her with Simpson’s wife, Nicole Brown Simpson.

Faye Resnick looked uninterested in the drama when confronted by Kathryn Edwards. [Image via Bravo]

Resnick included two passages that mention Edwards in the book, with the remainder focused on Simpson’s interactions with Brown and Allen. While Resnick barely mentions Edwards and does so in kind terms, it was enough for Edwards to hold a grudge against Resnick that has lasted over 20 years and counting.

“Faye alleged that my ex-husband, Marcus Allen, had an affair with Nicole Simpson,” Edwards explained during the episode. “It was nobody’s f**king business.”

During the dinner, continued on the next episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Edwards confronted Resnick about her book and told her that she misrepresented who she is in real life.

“You never met me, you didn’t know me. I’m so not that [person in your book],” Edwards told her. “I’m in-your-face confrontational.”

In response, Resnick did not allow herself to be dragged into a fight with Edwards. Instead, she emphatically told Edwards that she didn’t have anything to discuss about the matter, especially considering the length of time that has passed since her book was published.

“I have nothing to say to anyone about what happened twenty something years ago…. There’s not really much to discuss, is there?” Resnick told Edwards directly.

With their beef was clearly not resolved by the end of the last episode, Radar Online is reporting that Resnick and Edwards will reach some kind of truce in the next installment. Exactly how this unfolds is yet to be seen, but an inside source told the outlet that Edwards agreed to the truce in order to save face.

This is not the first time that Kyle Richards' bestie Faye has caused trouble on the RHOBH. [Image via Bravo]
This is not the first time that Kyle Richards' bestie Faye has caused trouble on the RHOBH. [Image via Bravo]

“Faye and Kathryn once again have another confrontation. But the two do reach a sort of peace agreement since they have mutual friends in common. Katherine didn’t want to be the evil witch on the show,” an insider noted.

However, their peace terms are not what they appear to be. In fact, the source indicated that Edwards still harbors a dislike for Resnick and will continue to be at odds with her as the season develops.

“Kathryn still despises Faye and thinks it was so hypocritical for her to say she wouldn’t talk about Nicole, yet she wrote a tell-all book about Nicole and the murders,” the source explained to the outlet.

Will the two women be able to put aside their differences and reach a meaningful truce in the coming episode? If Edwards wants to begin to establish friendships on the show, especially with Resnick’s friend Kyle Richards, then she will definitely need to get on Resnick’s good side.

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