Stowaway Kitten Hitches Ride From Shanghai To Los Angeles

For the first three months of its life, an orange-and-white kitten dreamed of the California Coast. The stowaway kitten hitched a ride on in a freight container on a ship and sailed across the Pacific Ocean from Shanghai to Los Angeles.

Amazingly, the cat survived.

CBS reports that the stowaway kitten traveled more than 6,500 miles over the course of three weeks without any food or water. It’s unclear when the cat climbed into the storage container but it’s clear that it was happy when it got out.

The cat was quarantined, then taken by Los Angeles County animal control officers who gave it food and are currently monitoring its health. The cat, which was named Ni Hao (which means “hello” in Mandarin Chinese). is currently at the Carson Animal Care Center. Animal control director Marcia Mayeda said that the cat was alert and responsive.

Mayeda said:

“She’s doing OK; she was pretty weak and dehydrated… It was touch and go at first, but staff has been taking good care of her.”

Mayeda said that Ni Hao the stowaway kitten will be vaccinated, spayed, and will soon be put up for adoption.