Why Harry Styles’ New Management Deal Doesn’t Spell The End Of One Direction

Harry Styles must get heartily sick of how he is reported in the media. One Direction star Harry is one of the most talked-about celebrities in the music business, and as a result, it is inevitable that Styles every move will be pored over and analysed. Sadly, on occasion, the gossip columns often make a story out of the most ridiculous suggestions. As Styles celebrated his 22nd birthday yesterday, the Inquisitr recapped some of the most ridiculous headlines that Harry has featured in over the past couple of years.

At times, you have to shake your head in wonder at the way Styles and his One Direction bandmates are reported. When there is nothing to talk about, content writers sometimes stray into the realms of fancy, sometimes even the most mundane of happenings gets turned into a headline story. Check out the fact that Harry’s bandmate Louis Tomlinson recently made headlines in the Mail for visiting a grocery store and for drinking a cup of coffee.

Just last week, the Sun claimed an “exclusive” proclaiming that Harry Styles had quit Modest Management to sign with his friend Jeff Azoff, who will represent Harry for his solo work. Harry also engaged a new PR company, leaving HJPR behind as he makes the foray into solo work.


Ironically, not only was the Sun’s article not an exclusive, it was old news. The story had been reported by the Inquisitr four weeks earlier.

As yesterday was Harry’s birthday, media outlets would have been hoping for some real news to report, but sadly for them, Styles kept a low profile. As a result, many media outlets have rehashed the story about Styles changing his management team and have added the spin that this means the end of One Direction.

On January 27, the Daily Mail reported Styles’ change of management. They repeat the story from a slightly different slant today. The story repeats previous claims from an unidentified “insider” who intimates that Styles is finished with One Direction.

“Harry is done with One Direction. He wants to completely disassociate with the band and that includes any professional connection.

“His new team will be about launching him as a solo superstar by around this time next year so the work is starting now.”

Of course, there is absolutely no evidence to support the claims that Styles has quit One Direction. There has been no statement by Styles, by One Direction’s management, or by the band themselves to confirm that this is the case. What this amounts to is that the Sun made an unverifiable comment and other outlets have copied that comment. By repeating an age-old tradition if a thing is said often enough, it becomes true.


Let’s face facts. Harry signing with a PR agency and a new management team means nothing other than the fact that Styles wants a clear line between his solo work and One Direction. Not only is that a sensible step for Harry to take, many would argue that it is essential. Imagine the situation in two years time when Harry releases and album and One Direction are dropping something at the same time. The conflict of interests would be enormous and could lead to real damage to both brands. By separating the two facets of his professional life in this way, Styles has identified a potential trouble spot and acted early to avoid it.

Styles moving away from One Direction’s management is something that many fans are delighted to see. There is absolutely nothing to say that Harry’s bandmates will not follow his lead by seeking separate representation for their own projects.


At present, we do not know how long One Direction’s hiatus will be, nor do we know what their reunion will look like. It is doubtful that Harry or his pals know either. Time will tell. We could see Harry and the boys releasing albums and conducting huge world tours. It may be that they will get together a few times a year for special events while the emphasis is on their solo work. The reality is that at this point in time, no one knows.

It is doubtful that Styles has a fixed plan in place at present. Harry’s solo work could bomb, and there are too many variables at this point in time. One thing is certain, however: Harry Styles signing with a new management team does not spell the end of One Direction.

[Photo by John Davisson/Invision/AP]