‘Outlander’ Stars Sam Heughan And Caitriona Balfe Tackle Fan’s Questions In Latest Interview [Watch]

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan recently took time away from their busy Outlander schedule to field a number of fan-submitted inquiries. The duo, who play the roles of Claire and Jamie Fraser in the hit series, discussed a wide range of topics, including tardiness, weather, and, of course, Heughan’s hair.

In the video clip, which can be viewed on Scotland Now, Heughan and Balfe rummaged through a variety of questions that were posted via Twitter. To start things out, one inquisitive fan asked the pair why Balfe does better with horses than Heughan.

“Because she feeds them mints all the time. And not only her horse, my horse… so blatantly they’re gonna like her,” Heughan explained.

Although they both accused each other of always being late, a question on the unpredictable Scottish weather was also brought up. According to the International Business Times, Balfe replied by explaining how the Scottish rain isn’t something that is easy to work around. Instead, they just hold on and try to work through the worst of it.

Sam and Cait were named the sexiest couple of 2015 by MTV. [Image via Starz]
Sam and Cait were named the sexiest couple of 2015 by MTV. [Image via Starz]

“You don’t deal, you endure,” Balfe stated. “In fact coming to Los Angeles… we have the Scottish weather here. It seems to follow us around,” Heughan jumped in.

The next question was a little closer to home to Heughan’s character. In particular, it centered on Heughan’s hair and whether or not he had plans to cut it like Kit Harington did following his character’s death on Game of Thrones. While it isn’t known if Heughan is prohibited to cut off his locks, Harington’s contract stipulated that he had to keep it up for the duration of the series.

Of course, after the last season of Game of Thrones, which feature Harington’s character, Jon Snow, being killed off, the actor promptly got a haircut. For Heughan, he told fans that he would like to get it cut, but that it would have to be a part of Jamie’s story.

“Yes! I would love to cut my hair. I think it’s an integral part of Jamie,” he explained.

“Sounds like a touchy subject,” Balfe added.

“No no no… maybe it will still come to pass,” Heughan replied.

The second season of Outlander will feature Jamie and Claire venturing into Paris, France. Based on the fact that production is currently underway and Heughan still has his locks, it is not likely that Jamie will be getting a haircut anytime soon.

Jamie and Claire travel to France in season 2 of Outlander. [Image via Starz]
Jamie and Claire travel to France in season 2 of Outlander. [Image via Starz]

In the final question of their interview, one ingenious fan placed her number as part of her Twitter name. Both Outlander stars were amused by the attempt, though Balfe was quick to pick up on it.

“Yeah, you can’t give Sam your phone number in the form of a tweet,” Balfe stated after reading the handle.

“That is clever, I like it,” Heughan added, placing the note in his pant pocket.

The recent interview with Heughan and Balfe follows some exciting news that was recently released about Season 2 of Outlander. According to Movie News Guide, producers have officially found the right actress for the role of Brianna Randall in the upcoming season, Sophie Skelton.

Meanwhile, production for the second season continues as the cast and crew prepare for an exciting new year. With all the important roles now cast and Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe returning to reprise their roles, the second season of Outlander can’t come soon enough.

Although an exact premiere date hasn’t been set, Season 2 of Outlander is expected to air sometime in April 2016. Until then, fans can expect more promotional materials to be released as producers gear up for the release of the highly anticipated new season.

Tell us! Are you excited about Outlander Season 2? Let us know in the comments, and check out Sam and Cait answering fan questions in the video below.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty]