Rob Kardashian Launches Snapchat Account With Profane Name, Blac Chyna Warns Girls With Equally Profane Jealous Rant

Rob Kardashian is everywhere these days. Not only is every showbiz news outlet reporting on what he’s been doing from day-to-day, he’s also become active on social media recently. Considering how Rob literally went into hiding for over a year on account of his deep depression, seeing him putting himself out there is a step in the right direction.

On February 1, Rob, 28, launched his own account for one of the most risque social media networks there is – Snapchat. And his name is just as risque too. Blac Chyna shared his username using her own Snapchat account. It sounds rather profane so get ready: “robphuckedme.”

There’s no denying that Blac is excited about the prospect of her new beau dipping his toes in the crazy world of Snapchat, but she also made it known to all that she won’t put up with women who would use the social media network to flirt with him. Using her Snap account, Miss Chyna put up a warning for those who’d want to send dirty photos to her man. The message was short, and you can tell by the tone that Blac is not messing around.

“Let me tell you all something, don’t be snapping my boo that p–y.”

Also heard in the Snapchat video is the voice of a man — probably Rob himself — laughing in the background. Before long, Rob Kardashian put up his first Snapchat video, which showed a close-up photo of himself grinning through his thick beard and mustache and giggling.

Hollywood Life was quick enough to get a screenshot of Rob Kardashian’s first Snapchat photo. And looking at him, you can clearly tell that he’s genuinely happy. It’s a far cry from how his Kardashian sisters described him back when he was battling depression. Not many people may approve of Rob’s relationship with Blac Chyna, but you have to admire how the 27-year-old performer was able to turn his life around.

We all remember how the Kardashian family tried everything to put Rob’s life back in order since he experienced deep depression last year. A year later, you can see recent photos of a smiling Rob anywhere. And the reason for it is none other than his new girlfriend, Blac Chyna. But this is where it gets ugly: the Kardashian-Jenner clan — especially Kylie Jenner — isn’t too fond of Blac.

As most fans already know, Blac was engaged to Tyga and even had a baby with him. Tyga is now dating Rob Kardashian’s stepsister, Kylie Jenner. The Kardashian-Jenner clan, who must have predicted how awkward family reunions would be if they gave Rob and Blac their blessing, expressed their strong disapproval of the relationship. Things have gotten so bad that Khloe kicked out Blac and Rob when she saw them inside her home.

Rob Kardashian appeared unfazed by all the vitriol thrown at him and Blac by his sisters. Just three days ago, he took to Instagram to post a FaceTime screenshot of Blac and himself.

Blac Chyna was arrested on Friday for public intoxication as well as drug possession at a Texas airport. And right on cue, Rob stepped up to the plate by driving all the way from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas, to pick up his lady. According to E! News, Rob then drove her back home to Southern California. Things seem to have settled down following Blac’s arrest as the couple were spotted hanging out Monday morning in Beverly Hills.


Even after her arrest, Blac looks like she’s having the time of her life as proven in her most recent social media posts. Just today, she posted a video of herself partying with the equally-controversial Amber Rose.

[Photos by Rob Kardashian/Instagram and Isaac Brekken/Getty Images]