Leah Messer And Corey Simms Agree To Joint Custody, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Do Not Need Judge To Rule

Leah Messer has had a rough time over the last 18 months. From going through a divorce to losing custody of her twin daughters in October, Messer has had a lot of changes going on. Currently, she is in a relationship with T.R. Dues. It is getting pretty serious as the two reportedly live together already. While Messer has been the subject of several rumors, she has managed to keep her head held high. When she lost custody of the twins a few months ago, it was the wake-up call she needed. Messer has really stepped up and made adjustments over the last few months.

Last week, Leah Messer and Corey Simms met for a court date. This was a hearing to talk about custody of the girls again. While both parties went in thinking they would win, the outcome was pretty even. According to Radar Online, Leah Messer and Corey Simms decided to have joint custody on their own. The judge let the two have a few minutes to talk and decide what they believed was best for the girls. As it turns out, both parties agreed the girls would be more comfortable if they split their time in half. So while other outlets reported a victory for Messer, the reality is the judgment was reached by the parties, not because of the court’s ruling.

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Things have progressively gotten better between Leah Messer and Corey Simms. She seems to have gotten her life together, which is a huge improvement from where she was a year ago. Even Simms’ wife is on board with Messer having equal amounts of time with the girls. Some may contribute the turn around to Messer dating T.R. Dues. While that may be part of it, the jolt of losing them in October really did a number on her. Things won’t ever be the same, but at least Messer is making an effort to co-parent effectively. She continues to have full custody of her daughter Addie. She was born to Messer and Jeremy Calvert. Since he travels for work, Messer is the full-time parent. If Calvert doesn’t fear leaving Addie with her mom, neither should Simms.

Social media is a place where Leah Messer often vents. Just recently, she was throwing some serious shade at someone, but refused to name names. According to OK! Magazine, Leah Messer was likely shading Corey Simms. After what happened in court last week, it is doubtful she meant Simms. Perhaps there is something brewing with Jeremy Calvert, or T.R. Dues’ ex-girlfriend. There has been trouble there for quite some time. Messer has put down the law for how Dues is to deal with his kids’ mother. She feels a bit threatened by this lady, and Messer is not having any friendly business between the two.

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Now that Leah Messer has joint custody of the girls with Corey Simms, she can finally focus on moving forward. While hanging in limbo waiting for a decision, Messer was stuck following the rules completely. There is a little more freedom now, and it looks like it will not be taken for granted. Messer has now had a dose of reality, and her life is being turned around.

When Teen Mom 2 was filmed last season, Leah Messer took some time out and attended a rehab program for 30 days. Several fans accused her of using drugs, and some of the footage from the season showed Messer acting a little off. When Corey Simms and his wife confronted Messer, she went off. Since Messer has been without the girls full-time, there have been a lot of changes made. While she may not be a perfect parent, Leah Messer is willing to go the distance for her little girls.

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