Anna Duggar Shares Her Own Advice On Home Schooling

Anna Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting is speaking out about home schooling her kids. Anna has been avoiding talking out in the public, but the family blog brought back up something Anna talked about before that they know fans would love to hear. If you are a homeschooling parent, then you know how hard it can be. Duggar Family Blog shared what Anna Duggar had to say about her own home schooling journey and how to make it easier on yourself.

A lot of parents that home school actually don’t have any training at all in it this area, but Anna Duggar is now sharing that she does have some training. Here is what Anna revealed about how she prepared herself.

“After high school, I did an online Christian college program in early child education, but what has helped me the most has been taking advice from my mom, my mother-in-law, and other homeschooling veterans. It’s great to learn from other women who are further down the road. I find women with teenage children who love the Lord or grandchildren who love the Lord, and I seek to learn from them. It’s also important to realize that just because something worked for one family, that doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you.”

The fact that Anna Duggar did some training in early child education doesn’t mean that she is actually certified as a teacher. It does mean that Anna knows a bit about what to do and that this could be easier for her than other people.

Anna Duggar has four young children at home, but they aren’t all school age yet. It can be hard to home school, but right now Anna Duggar has a little bit of help. She has been living with Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar while Josh is in rehab so she has a lot of backup. Michelle is still home schooling her younger children at home and it is unknown if the two are now working together to take on this hard task.

Design & Trend started sharing the news that the Duggars have been spotted filming a new show of some kind with the TLC cameras following them. They were seen out at Potter’s House Thrift, a thrift store in their home state of Arkansas. There is no word at all yet saying what TLC is planning, but it is very obvious that the Duggars are planning to do a new show of some kind. Obviously, this will keep Anna on the show because she was featured with the cameras, but no word yet on if her husband Josh will end up being on the show.

Right now, Josh is unemployed and he is still in rehab for his sex addition. Anna is living with the Duggars and she is not working either, but is raising her children. Josh should be getting home within in the next month or so and then things will change. There is no word on what Anna and Josh have planned to do when they are back together, but Anna has shared more than once that she has big plans to stay with Josh and figure out a way to make their marriage work.

What do you think of Anna Duggar’s homeschool advice? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts. Hopefully there will be a big announcement soon about what TLC plans to do with bringing the Duggars back to television soon.

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