50,000 Bees In LA Home Went Unnoticed For 6 Months [Video]

Photojournalist Larry Chen is a busy man. He spends a lot of time at work and only a little time at home. Still, you would think he would have noticed 50,000 bees living in his homes.

According to ABC, approximately 50,000 bees were living in Chen’s home for six months until he noticed them on July 7th.

About a month ago, Chen noticed a few bees flying in and out of his window.

Chen said:

“I’m not really terrified of the bees… I just remained calm, and I figured they wouldn’t bother me too much… I got stung once, but I was more curious about how big the hive actually was. I figured it was just a small clump of 1,000 or so.”

He guessed that there might be a small hive in his home but decided to leave it alone for a few weeks because he had to go on a business trip. When he returned, he called a Craigslist professional, Mike Bee, to come check out the hive.

Chen said that he didn’t want to have the bees exterminated Bee, who is a member of the rescue organization Backwards Beekeepers, worked to relocated the bees.

Mike Bee discovered that the bees were flying in and out of an unguarded ventilation pipe. He used a special vacuum to safely remove the bees into two boxes. Mike filled two boxes, containing 20,000 each, from Chen’s home, while thousands of bees were able to escape.

In case you were wondering, this is how you remove 50,000 bees from your home.