Two Annual Events Return To ‘World Of Warcraft’ In February, Collect Unique Pets And Mounts Now

With the Lunar Festival and Love Is In The Air happening this month in World of Warcraft, every single day of February is home to an event. Players can log in right now to start participating in the Lunar Festival, while the event themed around Valentine’s Day will start on February 15. Both annual events give players a chance to collect pets, mounts, and other festive items that only come around once a year.

World of Warcraft players can honor their in-game elders with the Lunar Festival. Players willing to travel all over the in-game world to visit the spirits of ancestors will be reward with Coins of Ancestry to spend at the Lunar Festival vendor. Players can buy special lantern battle pets with these coins in addition to common quality outfits, heirloom casings, and two new toys. According to the WoWhead guide, the two toys are new to the Lunar Festival this year. They are faction-themed reusable fireworks, and unlocking one of them unlocks the other. Moreover, the existing Elune’s Lantern will be transformed into a toy freeing up an inventory slot.


Once the Lunar Festival wraps up on February 15, the Love Is In The Air event will begin on the same day. The coveted Big Love Rocket is the main attraction of this event. The mount can only be obtained from the daily Heart-Shaped Box that is rewarded after defeating Apothecary Hummel via the Dungeon Finder. A character can only receive this box once a day and the drop rate for the Big Love Rocket is notoriously low. Players can also get the Swift Lovebird mount or special battle pets with Love Tokens. A winged goblin pet or a lovebird hatchling can be purchased with Love Tokens while the Toxic Wasteling pet can be looted from the Heart-Shaped Box. For a little more information on this event, view the guide on the official website. Love Is In The Air will end on February 29.

World of Warcraft A Mage on the Big Love Rocket in World of Warcraft [Image via Blizzard Entertainment]Of course, World of Warcraft players also have weekly Bonus Events to complete, too. Starting on February 3, the Battleground Bonus Event will begin giving players bonus honor to battleground participants. While the buff is active, triple the honor will be earned from playing in battlegrounds. On February 10, the Draenor Dungeon Event will activate offering bonus reputation to players at the level cap that complete Draenor dungeons. The reputation bonus will apply to Heroic and Mythic dungeons completed during the event. Specific dungeons will reward specific reputation, too. For example, completing Skyreach will reward Arakkoa Outcast reputation.

The latter half of February includes two more optional Bonus Events for players to enjoy. The World of Warcraft Pet Battle Bonus Event lets players earn triple experience for the battle pets and starts on February 17. The Burning Crusade Timewalking event rounds off the month beginning on February 24. Players that are level 71 or higher can participate in this Timewalking event. Players need to simply queue for a Timewalking dungeon from the Dungeon Finder tool to start a Timewalking dungeon. Players can earn Timewalking Badges for unique loot, and players at the maximum level can complete “A Burning Path Through Time” to receive an Iron Fleet Treasure Chest and a Seal of Inevitable Fate.

World of Warcraft The Peddlefoot battle pet from the Truesilver Shafted Arrow [Image via Blizzard Entertainment]Weekly and annual events in World of Warcraft give players a variety of content to revisit now that Warlords of Draenor is technical over. The next World of Warcraft expansion is not due until summer 2016 so any distraction is welcome while more content is being produced. Legion, the sixth World of Warcraft expansion, is currently in an alpha state with no non-disclosure agreement. As The Inquisitr reported, even more pets, mounts, and features are upcoming thanks to the expansion. In fact, a new rat mount, corgi pets, and a ton of new armor have already been data mined from the alpha files.

[Image via Blizzard Entertainment]